My Top 3 (Last-Minute) Christmas Shopping Tips

Merry-almost-Christmas , everyone! :)) Yes, it's almost Christmas and I've just finished shopping for Christmas gifts yay! It w...

Merry-almost-Christmas, everyone! :))

Yes, it's almost Christmas and I've just finished shopping for Christmas gifts yay! It was really tough squeezing Christmas shopping in my schedule with all the work and events I needed to attend and help put up (grown-up problems lol) and so I've thought of ways on how to save time and money, of course (haha). Since it, suprisingly, worked for me - the very picky and indecisive-when-it-comes-to-gifts Dianne - I might as well share it with the rest of you guys, who are maybe panicking right now because you're not done shopping for gifts yet.

Worry not my friends :D here are my 3 (Last-Minute) Christmas Shopping Tips for you:

1.   Ready, Get the Set!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I like buying a bunch of the same item as gifts for my friends from the same group – from high school, college, work, church, etc. Aside from avoiding comparing or 'inggitan', it’s less thinking for me haha. But I’ve recently realized it can also be cost-effective ;) How? By buying a set! This year, I bought a lot of stuff that came in set – pens, hand creams, and my most favorite buy, earrings! *eyes sparkling* 

At first, It may feel that you've splurged for a gift item, but actually, if you compute it, you actually saved some money yay! Of course, I can't just hand these over to my friends, that would be boring and might make them feel not special :( soo, I let my creative juices work the magic, and with the use of some colorful sacks and artsy cards - which you can buy almost anywhere (bookstores, tiangges, markets, etc.) - TADAA!! they're now all cute and ready for gift-giving :) 


(Hi friends, who have received and will receive these cutie-patooties HAHA now you know my secret ;))

2. Trace that Foot

I find footwear, one of the most difficult gift items to shop for because exact measurements are needed. There may be standard shoe sizes, but this ‘standard’ sometimes varies based on the country from which the shoe came from and even on the place where you bought it from. Did you buy it from a high-end shoe store? local shoe store? department store? or bazaar? Believe it or not, there’s a difference (nakaka-frustrate) haha so anyway, to make sure you get the right shoe size for your loved one and save time (and not go back to for a size change), ask for a cut-out of his/her foot tracing or if you want it to be a surprise, do it yourself while he’s asleep HAHA

This one I got for my sister, obviously named Denise (LOL). She's very picky - waaaay pickier than me - when it comes to... almost everything HAHA and this year she wished for this certain pair of shoes with a store far far away and a change of shoe size is the last thing that I wanna happen. 

3. Heart is All that Matters <3

When you've really ran out of time to go gift shopping, especially for those very early Christmas parties you had to attend to (emphasis on the 'very' haha), or maybe ran out of gift ideas for this friend, or officemate of yours who you think already have everything (i bet we all have these, maybe an entry or two, from our list haha), Personalized gifts is the way to go :)

You may just buy a simple but useful gift item and add your personal touch to it. 

What I did - I bought some washi tapes, brought out my scissors, blank sheets of paper, pen, and my heart (for my 'feels') hahaha!

But seriously, you just really have to write down a short messsage for them - may it be something to inspire them, to make your friendship stronger, or to just make them feel special during the holidays :)

I believe that nothing beats a gift that comes from the heart. Because at the end of the day, these gifts will rot and break, but the friendship and the thought that comes with it will remain forever (yiee!) It's cheesy but true. Hope my tips help you calm down from your panicking :)) Good luck with shopping and don't forget to #celebrate !

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