Celebration at Picnic Grove - Tagaytay

Happy New Year everyone!!! I’m probably the last person to greet you – I know, fail HAHA Things have been very busy this past few days a...

Happy New Year everyone!!!

I’m probably the last person to greet you – I know, fail HAHA

Things have been very busy this past few days and I was able to fully rest just yesterday since the week before Christmas. Crazy? Yes, but it’s still a lot of fun. I got to see people I missed bonding with and some that I haven’t seen for a long time and celebrate with them :)

I’m not that fond of visiting places for vacation that are near from home. Magbabakasyon ka nalang, i-todo mo na (haha). I had this thinking that nature spots are all far away from the city. But Picnic Grove in Tagaytay proved me wrong.

My solo shot was taken using my phone, careless Dianne forgot her SD card so she just used the internal memory of her camera, so smart -_- haha

If you’re looking for a place to visit for your last hurrah before going back to work and you’re on a tight budget, I suggest you go here!

I, recently, had a post-Christmas celebration together with my co-teachers and our mentors from the Children’s Ministry team in church. We went to Picnic Grove – Tagaytay and, honestly, I wasn’t expecting much appreciation of nature there.

But to my surprise, I enjoyed the view and cold breeze from the moment we get there!!! That tower though in the middle blocked the beautiful view of the Taal Lake :(

It was a good idea that we went there early. We arrived at around 7am, and thank God we did because we had the chance to pick a nice spot for our shed yay! We had our fellowship with nothing but good laughs and of course, good food to fill our tummies with haha

The sheds vary from the umbrella-like ones to the family sheds. Each shed for a day’s rent only costs 150 pesos and 300 pesos, respectively. These may be your usual stone benches but what’s makes it special is the ambiance. Lying on a bench maybe uncomfy in the metro, but here in Tagaytay, it’s actually relaxing.

Apart from the relaxing ambiance, there were also a lot of activities to try out in the area. If you plan to go with a bunch of kids, kite-flying would be perfect for them. It was really nice to see kids running around with their kites, and not slacking off ‘exercising’ their fingers on their iPads or tablets.

If you don’t have a kite at home, or want to relieve yourself of the hassle of bringing a fragile kite to Tagaytay, worry not because there’s Kuya Kite (a name I just made up, obviously hahaha) here whom you can buy kites from.

If you get tired but the kids still want to play (which happens if not all, most of the time haha), you can have them play here at the inflatables area.

See that little boy in yellow and blue stripes shirt? He was crying and walking away from the inflatable area looking for his mommy. The teacher in me got worried so I approached him. Since he didn’t know where his mommy was, I escorted him back to the area and wait for his mommy there. Good thing, his little ate (wearing a pink shirt) saw him. Yay!

If you want to fulfill your equestrian dreams, you can try horseback riding, or for the little ones, ‘pony’-back riding haha :D

But if you want to try out some extreme activities, you can try the zipline. See that tower at the left, yup, you’ll go climb that and go all the way to Manila hahaha kidding! The other end will get you near the area where the campers are.

Personally, what I love most about the place, apart from the cold breeze and relaxing ambiance, is this view. You get a peek of the famous Taal Volcano. Good thing I found a place to shoot without the zipline tower. You can also see it the moment you enter the place (as seen on my first photo), actually, from almost anywhere at Picnic Grove haha. It is effortlessly beautiful. Truly, the beauty brought upon by nature is better than the one made by man.

And of course, who will forget about pasalubong! We, Filipinos, bring home pasalubong wherever we may come from :) There are a lot of stalls at the tiangge where you can buy goodies from, whether for pasalubong or for yourself haha.

It’s been a lot of fun exploring this place – a place I’ve known of loooong ago but only gave a shot just now. It has its letdowns but hey, no place is perfect, there is and will always be some imperfections. This place is apt for bonding with friends and family. You can go back to your old ways of having fun – running around, flying a kite, riding a horse, exploring nature, or just simply hanging out with your loved ones enjoying a quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Despite going back to work in a few days, smile! Smile because you’ve had the chance to bond with the family during the holidays and because you have a job to go back to HAHA!

Smile and celebrate every date! :)

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