My Best Accessory

Hi everybody! I know, I know, it's been a while. I got back to work a week ago (well, we all did) and I still haven't turned my &#...

Hi everybody!

I know, I know, it's been a while. I got back to work a week ago (well, we all did) and I still haven't turned my 'vacation mode' off, I think just until recently haha. So now with my 'work mode' on, I get to manage my time already and hurray! for squeezing in some time to blog :)

It's a new year, and most people are looking for something they could add or change in themselves - may it be a new haircut, a new style, or finally a decision to have a healthy living and lose weight haha. Bottomline is we all want to be better - look, feel, or live better.

I might as well share with you my best accessory, and why I have been wearing it over the years. Who knows, this might be the best accessory for you as well...

I started to wear less accessories later in college (well, for my everyday look, not including special events/productions that require it). I guess I've already found the few items that 'enhance' my look just the way I want it - a trusty watch, a simple pair of earrings (i love wearing pearls), my hand-me-down golden ring (which I always wear even when taking a bath), and of course, my best accessory.

It's curvy. Sometimes, it appears with those little things that are shiny white. When you see one, apart from white, its color varies from nude to plum red. It highlights my face and gives my overall look a glow. I'd like to think that it makes me look beautiful, okay, makes me bearable to look at nalang haha.

Figured out my best accessory already? It's my smile! I consider it my best accessory not because of what people say about it but rather the feeling it brings me when I ‘wear’ it. It brings me good vibes and boosts my confidence. No need to spend lots of money for accessories, just enough for toothbrush and toothpaste for healthy teeth haha!

Set aside those sparkly accessories and show off your best smile :D
Its effect isn’t limited to your physical appearance. It extends inside you, and gives you some sprinkle of positivity you need to survive everyday. You may try to hide your beautiful smile but it will still show through your eyes. Show it and spread good vibes to the people around you.

I share this with you not just to tell you about how my life was all-smiles, but also to encourage you to do the same :) As they say, “a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear”. If you’re not the smiling-type of person, try to start doing it now. Who knows? You might be able to celebrate life more ;)

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