Onto Softer Days with Kleenex

Hi everybody! Just this week, I went to R Space in Makati to discover how today's most celebrated women discover softer days with (my ...

Hi everybody!

Just this week, I went to R Space in Makati to discover how today's most celebrated women discover softer days with (my personal favorite facial tissue brand :D), Kleenex.

Well, aside from their super cute packaging (remember their Disney Princesses and Winnie the Pooh packagings?), I love it because it's nose-friendly! It's so soft that it doesn't irritate my skin whenever I have runny nose - which happens often haha. And so I didn't think twice going to this event and discover how theyve managed to get softer than before (oooh heaven!)

Celebrated Women Discover Softer Days with Kleenex

A modern-day woman is remarkable. Despite the challenges that come her way, she is able to manage her busy lifestyle while looking presentable. She has the drive that allows her to pursue her dreams with passion.

Modern women have the ability to find strength in their softness, to be tough while staying delicate, poised while bring relentless in going after what they want. Despite that, a woman's life is not always smooth. They are still subjected to certain realities that stop them from living their lives to the fullest.

Sometimes it only takes a perfect partnership to get the job done. In a world filled with rough elements, finding the right partner to complement you can really make a difference. Just as how earrings are best paired with the right necklace, or a black dress with the right shoes, Kleenex, the World's No. 1 Facial Tissue, found the perfect partner in cucumber extract, to make tissues that are softer than before.

Discover Softness, Discover the New Kleenex

"Softer means cleaner, gentler, and refreshing," shares Ritz Tan, Kleenex Family Care Senior Brand Manager. "With cucumber extract, we developed a new softer than before Kleenex that's sure to give women a soft gentle clean, enhancing her image to keep her looking fresh throughout the day."

In line with this, Kleenex is launching a campaign that lets women discover a world of softness and enjoy softer days. As the perfect partner in complementing the softer side of women, Kleenex is staging the official launch of its new innovation with Face Anything, an event held to introduce real softness as something that helps women face what lies ahead. Through Face Anything, Kleenex is out to prove that softness can take women anywhere, even to their success, and without having to sacrifice their perspective.

Softness redefined: How Kleenex allows women to Face Anything

With Face Anything, people can hear from distinguished women on how real softness helps them in their specific fields. Hosted by Patty Laurel-Filart, Face Anything is Kleenex's way of redefining softness as a partner that complements the lives of women from different fields.

To show how real softness takes a woman from her day job to the night scene while staying fresh and clean, Kleenex tapped socialite and model Divine Lee. For aspiring stylists, Kleenex invited fashion blogger Laureen Uy and Nicole Andersson to talk about how real softness takes them to great style ideas that help them think of the perfect approach in captivating their followers and keeping them entertained.

Meanwhile, active lifestyle enthusiasts can learn from volleyball player Gretchen Ho how real softness help her to the goal. Cheska Garcia-Kramer is also on board to enlighten women on how real softness helps her in being a celebrity mom while attending to a hectic career in show business.

"With today's style icons and career role models on board, we hope to help modern women realize their true potential - the potential that lies in real softness brought by the new Kleenex facial tissues, now made softer with cucumber extract," Ritz ends.

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I got to bring home this special (big) loot yay! Thanks to Kleenex, I'm now onto celebrating SOFTER days :)

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