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It’s Valentine’s Day! <3 I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it’s been quite a while since I last made a blogpost, well, my schedule ...

It’s Valentine’s Day! <3

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it’s been quite a while since I last made a blogpost, well, my schedule has been crazy full for the past few weeks… but let’s save that for another blogpost, for now, I’d be sharing with you my Valentine preps haha <3 *yieee*

Those who know me really well know that I’m a very sentimental person. One proof of this is my liking for special occasions. I really plan for it (gifts, surprises, and letters!! Yes letters I write a bunch of those haha). I want special occasions to be really ‘special’. Not oozing with grandeur but just spent with the special people in my life, with things that come from the heart – sincere and full of love – cause I value effort more than material things *so much feels* haha

For this Valentine’s Day, I wanted to prepare something special…and personal aside from my letters (which I thought of just this Monday while I was on my way to work -_- finally, a good thing caused by traffic haha). So, I searched for personalized gift items over the internet. I was actually scared that what I’m planning to have won’t make it in time for Valentine’s Day because I know personalized items need a lot of time to get done. But being the persistent person that I am, I still pushed through with it.  Lo and behold, on Instagram, there was Istorya, and I fell in love with their personalized handmade jewelry and accessories right away <3

Joanna (of Istorya) was really accommodating. I even shared with her my feelings (LOL) that I need to receive my items within the week (this was Monday afternoon). I was preparing myself to get rejected already (with eyes closed, covering my phone’s screen) but upon checking her reply, “Yes… abot don’t worry dear” - yes? Yes!! Yay :)))) And so I placed my order right away, a necklace (for myself ;)) and a keychain (for my boyfriend). Yes, you got that right, a keychain. His waaaaay less fond of accessories than me, trust me -_- and since he’s always driving, I thought that a keychain will be useful for him – a special handmade one :”)

I had it hand stamped with our name’s initials ‘T & D’ (my boyfriend, Tim and I, Dianne) – Why? Well, I didn’t what the stamp to be very cheesy because the accessories I ordered are something that I want to see both of us wearing/bringing and it might make us uncomfy to be displaying very cheesy lines, and I don’t want that.  I originally wanted the word, ‘ALWAYS’ engraved also – making it ‘ALWAYS T & D’ but that would contradict my anti-cheesy stamp decision haha. 
And just after three days (Thursday morning) upon inquiring, this came in the office!!!

From the package, you’ll really see that it’s made with love (or feel ko lang yun haha) – it has a special message on the tag.

I got really excited when I saw the jewelry boxes inside with a “Just for You” charm *gaah I love it*

And then I opened it,

I fell in love with it again! It exceeded my expectations, I loved it soo much *giddy feels* My officemates can attest to my cray-cray-ness when I saw the items. I even bragged about it to all of them, one by one hahaha.

I wanted to show it to Tim right away but I had to wait ‘til our Valentine’s date so I had to increase my EQ (ooh the agony LOL).

(CHEESY-ALERT: if you are cheesy-phobic, you may skip the next few lines HAHA)

I really wanted personalized items for Tim and I. Good thing I found Istorya J
It’s not just to be cheesy, really. I want something special that would remind us both, wherever we may be, whatever triumph or success we may achieve, whatever problems or challenges we may face, that we have each other – that we’re always a tandem. Through the good times and the bad, it’ll be Always T & D. *yieee*

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! #CelebrateLove

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