Jail Time at Caffe Piansa

It’s the Weekend-Pay-Day combo (haha) and I’m sure you’re all looking for a new place to visit and, of course, eat at! Well, I suggest you ...

It’s the Weekend-Pay-Day combo (haha) and I’m sure you’re all looking for a new place to visit and, of course, eat at! Well, I suggest you go to some place unique.

And speaking of unique, do you ever wonder how it feels like to eat inside a jail? If you ask me, I’d say it’s… awesome! BUT make sure it’s Caffe Piansa that you visit and NOT the ‘real’ jail or else (like what I’ve picked up from my daddy) ‘patay ka diha!’

I visited Caffe Piansa along with two of my best friends – Leana and Keziah. Being the foodies that we are, we’re always in search for great food finds :D I actually didn’t know it was a jail-inspired restaurant that we were visiting, I thought that it was just like your typical restaurant with an Italian-sounding name – Caffe…Fianza, Fiansa,etc. – it just sinked in to me that it was ‘Piansa’ as in bail when I saw the place -_- haha

The jail concept was all over the place. Kareer na kareer ang details! haha
They have chairs and tables for guests literally inside a prison cell!

The waiters were also in prison uniform! Giving kuya right here his shining moment because he really took care of us haha. It was actually one of the commendable things about the restaurant - they have friendly staff, very accomodating :)

They have the judge working here also. *wink*

We were so amused by the place, we forgot we're hungry...NOT haha
Looking upon the menu, I was impressed that even it was jail-inspired (you may check out the complete menu here )

Leana, Keziah and I have developed this tradition to order buffalo wings whenever we visit a new restaurant (of course, that have it in their menu haha), so voila!

If you're not a fan of the really hot and spicy wings (like me), you'll like their buffalo wings because it's more on the sweet and tangy side. The serving, I'd say, is enough because it suffice us all three :)

This pizza has Farmer's ham, pepperoni, Brunswick sausage, black olives, and red-green bell pepper. I love my pizza with a generous amount of cheese, and I'm glad this one somehow had. It was too 'meaty' for me, good thing there were bellpeppers to balance the flavor. Not something I'd order again, but it was okay.

This special pasta dish was labelled 'Chef's recommendation' so I was excited to try it out :) It's Black Linguine Pasta and Chicken Schnitzel on top with Gorgonzola and Mozarella Cheese Butter Garlic Foccacia Bread. Being a solid fan of chicken, i like almost every dish with chicken so I really liked this one. The pasta wasn't bland, it had the right texture and flavor. A single serving of this dish fed us three - though I think I can finish the whole of it myself haha

All in all our dining experience was really good :)
The food was okay, not excellent... but it was okay *paulit-ulit haha*
For the price, it's worth it, because you'll really enjoy dining here, especially if your a first-timer - you'll be amused. Obviously, what's really brilliant about Caffe Piansa is the place - the concept of incorporating jail in their interior, their menu, and even with their staff. I'll definitely come back, and bring friends to try out how it feels like to 'eat in prison' :)

Of course, we didn't leave the place without posing at their mugshot corner for souvenir! ;)

If you're up for the jail time dining experience visit them at #57 Dragon St., Midtown Subdivision, San Roque, Marikina City. They're open between these hours: 11am-2pm and 5pm-11pm.

Have your tummy celebrate at Caffe Piansa :)

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  1. Hi! I believe some parts of this blog entry have been plagiarized: https://macoypagong.wordpress.com/2015/06/17/caffe-piansa/

    He has plagiarized other bloggers as well. Just a heads up!

    1. Oh my!!! Read this just now 😱 thank you so much for giving me a heads up. Huhu grabe naman, my heart 💔💔💔

  2. Hi. I'm just wondering how to go there from Otto Santolan? Thanks

    1. Hi! If you're from Otto Santolan, ride a jeepney to Robinsons Metro East, walk through the overpass to the other side and then ride a tricycle to Caffe Piansa :)