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“I-follow mo naman ako sa Twitter”, “I-follow mo naman ako sa Instagram” – We hear these requests nowadays, may it be seriously or jokingly...

“I-follow mo naman ako sa Twitter”, “I-follow mo naman ako sa Instagram” – We hear these requests nowadays, may it be seriously or jokingly said, from almost everyone. I, myself, do this to my friends haha. I’m not saying there’s something wrong about it, but (about) two thousand years ago, there was Someone who wanted our attention and genuine following, more than anything.

We just finished a series of messages in church on Following God. And every after sermon, I just had bucket after bucket of tears. It really striked me. It may seem simple to Follow God – do good, read the Bible, etc. But it came to me again that Following God is a whole lot more than that.

I’d try to keep this short so that you won’t click that ‘close’ button on this tab *wink*

To follow God is to share the Gospel. Be an instrument in spreading His Word, may it be through missions, or the everyday meetings you have everyday. Honestly, this has become a challenge for me ever since college – how to share Jesus without scaring the people away or making them feel awkward. And I’m glad to say that, little by little, I was able to encourage and share my testimony to a number of people. Now that I’m in a waaay larger and more diverse community, I’m in continuous prayer to become a blessing for them J

To follow God is to witness. Being a child of God shouldn’t just be heard from your words but more importantly be seen in your actions. It’s true – things are really easier said than done. And it must be a conscious effort to maintain a Christ-like attitude when we step out of the church. This has become my challenge no. 2, in tandem with this: To follow God is to be selfless and to care for the good of others for His glory. With all the worldly influence we have around us now, it’s becoming difficult to deny one’s self and be more for others. Almost everything highlights ‘I, me, mine, myself’. We must learn to set aside the will of the world and prioritize the will of God. Because once you accept God in your life and worship His name, everything will be given to you – all your needs will be provided yay.

To follow God is to surrender your life to His hands. Long before we created our goals and dreams, He had already made His perfect plan for our lives. And to receive this revelation from God, we must humble down and open our hearts to Him. We must trust His goodness. Our personal achievements are nothing without God, because it is Him who will do the most beautiful work in our lives. There is no failure inside the will of God; there is no success outside the will of God. Our success may not come today, or tomorrow but it will happen in His perfect timing. Let us just be patient as much as He has become patient with us – patient and hopeful that beneath our stubbornness is an obedient heart. He will never give up on us J

I’m no Pastor nor Bible student. Whatever is in here’s just coming from an ordinary person just like you – who spends long hours browsing the web, who eats delicious (yet ‘sinful’) food :P , who stresses out when work piles up, who wants to travel the world and take beautiful photos for herself, etc – and yet God began a good work in my life. The same God can do the same for yours, as long as you let Him in your life and believe J

It’s always a refreshing experience to hear His Word. I hope this blogpost inspired you to follow Him. Let’s maintain a happy disposition and together, celebrate every date!

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