Photographs with Modresstee

Ever since I got my camera last Christmas, I’ve been strapping it with me wherever I go (or actually, whenever I get the chance and it fits ...

Ever since I got my camera last Christmas, I’ve been strapping it with me wherever I go (or actually, whenever I get the chance and it fits in my bag haha). So far, it’s been giving me good performance – except for the battery part, I really need a spare battery if I will go to whole day events or trips :( –
and well, I’m really liking the photos that we get to take together :D

Just recently, I got the chance to practice taking portraits yay! And it was for this new online shop, Modresstee's Pastel Collection. Modresstee is not just an ordinary online shop for me, it has actually touched my heart and strengthened my desire to do better not just for myself but for others.

I really made free one Saturday to make this shoot happen. Apart from my excitement in getting to practice my photographer skills haha! I was really eager to help the girls behind Modresstee - one of which is Angelica, fondly called Angge. I had the desire to help when Angge sent me a Facebook message asking me if i would want to buy some clothes from their shop. Being the curious person that I am (and well, the supportive 'ate' also *wink*), I checked their Facebook page. And there I saw how their shop is not just their personal income generating project, but a venue to promote their advocacy and one of the ministries of our church - Capitol City Foursquare Church - also.

"I also want the women to dress modestly, with decency and proriety..." - 1 Timothy 2:9
This Bible verse is what inspired Modresstee to put up the shop. Angge promotes it as their 'life verse'. According to her, she wants their dresses to be worn with decency and bought with generosity.

And your generosity in buying from Modresstee won't just go to the girls' pockets (haha), a percentage of it will be donated to the social outreach arm of our church - CCFC Lifestream Ministries, Inc. They aid and provide children from our marginalized neighboring communities in Quezon City with opportunities and the environment to grow and realize their potentials according to God’s perfect plan and will. They reach out to families from depressed communities through child-focused programs, health ministries, local church equipping, livelihood training and skills matching. Thei aim is not just to respond to the basic needs of these families and children, but also to transform their lives by introducing Jesus through the testimony and service of the Lifestream volunteers.

Years ago, Angge was just like this pretty little girl in the photo. Now, through the help of Lifestream Ministries and the grace of God, she is already in college in preps to be a future CPA yay! And as early as now, she's already giving back :)

I really had so much fun doing this shoot. We had it in our church so we'll hear some cheers from our church family HAHA. From our elders to the children passing by, they were are all curious, supportive (some even bought clothes in the set right there and then), and game to pose in front of the camera haha. 

These kids were really insistent in getting in front of the camera, and when I gave them the chance...

...they shied-away from me :( haha! On the other hand, our older crowd were so game to pose with the model :D

Oh btw, Angge's the model (oha! negosyante na, model pa haha)

See more of  Modresstee's collections,visit their Facebook Page: or follow them on Instagram: @modresstee

If you want to make a difference and extend help for the Lifestream Ministries, you can call the office at 913 50 33

It is such a joy to extend help knowing that it will go a long way and will touch people lives - all the more reason to celebrate every date!

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