A Year A Nuffie

It's my first Nuffieversary! Get it? My first anniversary as a Nuffie? (haha korni ko pa rin :/) Anyway, it's been a year since I...

It's my first Nuffieversary! Get it? My first anniversary as a Nuffie? (haha korni ko pa rin :/) Anyway, it's been a year since I started working in Nuffnang - and it has been one heck of a year!

I remember after graduating from college, my eyes were all set on working in TV or radio. It is the goal I've had ever since I was in Grade 5 (after watching that Korean Drama, All About Eve :D ). I loved it - every bit of it. I wanted to be that person who can influence people in a large scale. Then by some sort of sorcery haha, I set foot at the Nuffnang Headquarters - definitely not of traditional media, but focuses on the potential of digital media. I was all interested about it and the fast-growing industry. And that's what brought me here!

It is gonna be a challenge to confine a heavily-inclined-to-the-arts person like me in front of a working desk for 9 hours. Maybe it was a wrong decision that I accepted this job? Hmm... I remember thinking about this during my first day. But I was proven wrong (totally wrong as the months passed by haha) and maybe that's why until now I'm still here. I really loved the job. I loved how yesterday was different from today, and will be different from tomorrow (kinda confusing but I think you get the point lol). I loved the Nuffies for going cray-cray when we get sabaw with work, for randomly strutting a weird dance step or belting out a song, for being my blog critiques (haha), for being a family. I loved how this family became a whole lot bigger with our Nuffnang talents <3 I appreciate the warmth they have shown and the trust they have given. Of course, there were times I wished I had more than 24 hours or wished I can just disappear, scrap work and go to a place where I can breathe. Work got crazy, emotions got fucked up but it didn't make me give up because... I saw myself growing. In a span of a year, I've learned so much and met a lot of people. And I thank the Lord for leading me every step of the way - for giving me the strength I need when I feel weak, for giving me the wisdom when I feel like getting lost.

From being the newbie to leading the team. The year to come sure is gonna be a challenge. But I know too that it's gonna be one great year :)

One down, X more years to go! To more celebrations with my Nuffnang family!

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  1. Wow, I wonder what it's like to work in Nuffnang! I'm not an artsy or creative person but I surely wanna try working with the creatives and learn from them. Congratulations (though belated) on your first anniversary at Nuffnang! :)

    xo, Janine

    1. Hi JaninešŸ˜It has been great! Thank you for the greeting (and for making time to read this post haha), you can try sending over your CV! :)