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So let me start off by saying, "I love my new headpods! <3 " Heard my scream right there haha anyway, you might not be f...

So let me start off by saying, "I love my new headpods! <3 "

Heard my scream right there haha anyway, you might not be familiar of the term 'headpods' (i'm guessing you're more familiar with 'headphones') well, because it - along with other awesome accessories from the UK-based brand, Boompods - was launched just recently hear in the Philippines. And I was lucky enough to have the first dibs on it! Yay :)

I'm very much a music lover. While traveling, working, or even taking a nap,  I prefer that there's music playing, better if I can keep it to myself (by using earphones, and the like). I am more productive that way ;) However, I don't invest on quality accessories anymore. I had a bad experience buying one which the only difference with normal earphones was its volume, so from then on, I just stick with my earphones (that came along my iPhone handset haha). But upon trying the Boompods headpods, I fell in love with headphones again <3

The Boompods headpods gives you a full-bodied sound. Whatever genre of music you're into, you'll definitely have a great listening experience *wink* What I really liked and noticed first was the bass. If you're all about the bass, 'bout the bass, then you won't have trouble (treble haha) and will definitely enjoy using the headpods. I actually had my boyfriend, who's a musician - a drummer to be exact (see how much of a music lover I am? musician lover pala haha) - try it. And well, for him it lacks crispness and focused much on the bass - sacrificing the other elements of the music. So that's on a musician's standpoint. BUT if you're an enthusiast who wants the perfect travel companion then go get yourself the boompods :)

There's a lot of reasons why it's perfect for travel: (1) it's a wireless device equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology - which means you can quickly connect to your Bluetooth device, as far as 10 metres away! (2) it has an 8-hour playing time, 30-hour standby time, needing just a 3-hour charging time. Yay! (3) it has a folding design - which means a more compact item to think of where to keep when not in use haha...

and lastly, (4) it comes with a travel bag to keep it safe!

You can purchase these awesome headpods and the other accesories under the Boompods brand from the Power Mac Center or from - they're actually offering 10% off on Boompods accessories!

I'm so glad a got a hold of these precious babies :) Now, I get to celebrate every date with fuller music!

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