Fun under the Sun at SandBox Alviera!

If you're looking for that last hurrrah before getting completely piled up with school work (without causing a major damage to your...

If you're looking for that last hurrrah before getting completely piled up with school work (without causing a major damage to your walllet haha), make a trip to SandBox Alviera at Porac in Pampanga!

Me and my (Long Table Peeps) friends took the adventure and commuted to SandBox. Yes guys! - under the scorching heat of the sun and I tell you, it was a lot of fun! :D

See where my 1000-pesos took me.

Our travel to SandBox was an adventure and (well, i'd like to think) a bonding activity for us, friends. If it wasn't for this company, I wouldn't go endure the super hot weather - yiee <3 

We reached SandBox at around 11:30 am. It was really late from our scheduled 9am supposed arrival at SandBox. As usual like all group of friends, there are those who come in late...really late. And guess who came late? Yours truly! *covers face* hahaha. So our supposed 9am arrival, became a 9am departure from Cubao haha. I suggest that you don't follow what we did. Try to be there at SandBox at 9am so you can try all their amenities (cause they have a quota for each ride). Since we were late there was already a looong queue at the Gazebo area where you are to buy tickets,

Here's their prize chart. You can check the individual rates, as well as their packages If you want to go on an all out adventure, I suggest you avail of their package. You'll also get to save money with packages ;)

What's sad was that one of the amenities already reached it quota so we can't try it anymore - the Aerial Walk to be exact :( 

See that blank space at the bottom right? That's supposed to be where my Aerial Walk pass is :/ (bitter  haha LOL)

The Aerial Walk is an obstacle course. It's different from your ordinary obstacle in school for a team building, etc. since it involves harness and some protective gears, making you feel as if you're a part of The Amazing Race haha.

Just a tip, if you want to try this out, make sure you're wearing long sleeves and pants or have a looot of sunblock with you. I bet you don't want to have weird tan lines or sunburn, because it will take you a long while to finish the course, thus longer sun exposure.

Moving on from the heartbreak of not getting to try this haha, we started to go around the area to see what we can try out first.

Being the excited kids that we are, we tried the one with shortest queue, the Giant Swing. This was actually my first extreme ride. I thought it would be chill, but I was wrong. It's like riding the Anchor's Away solo (without the ship, just some straps). I yelled with all my might - the person in charge even told me I broke their 'record' of the loudest yell while riding the swing haha. I almost cried BUT it was so much fun! I'd do it again if given the chance :)

I have to give props to our friend, Alvin, for her high-fashown-ANTM-levels performance while riding the swing.

What is FIERCE? haha

After the warm-up - or should I say, my death - at the Giant Swing, we headed to the Adventure Tower, where the rest of the amenities that we bought are. 

We had no choice but to endure the blockbuster queue. I'm not exaggerating haha
(or maybe I shouldn't be surprised since it was a Saturday)

We tried the Rappell Wall, first - since we have tried it already during CWTS in college (woot! thanks to our instructors in MilSci :D) 

All along, I thought we have ALL tried it already. To my suprise, this was actually Leana and Alvin's first time to try it so please don't blame it on my MilSci instructors (I was so proud of a moment ago) if my friends come dangling down the wall (ehem Alvin) haha

 At least they were able to go down safely and well, slowly got to do it properly. Congratulations friends! :D

Our next stop was Wall Climbing. I was really excited for this. I feel like i'm innately a pro-wall climber...

...OR NOT! haha

I even tried my "Frog Technique", but...

...I still failed. I had to let go. Here's the dramatic letting-go of my friend, Hazie haha :P

Our last stop, but definitely not the least - MY FAVORITE - the Roller Coaster ZipLine!!
I enjoyed it so much I wasn't able to take a photo :(

But here's a Facebook video of Hazie (Hazel Van Paraan) from her action cam while aboard the roller coaster zipline:

After all the adventures, I'm sure you're gonna get hungry (as much as we did). Good thing we went there on a Saturday. Because aside from the snack at the Gazebo, there are food trucks during the weekends

And of course, what's a trip to SandBox without having to enjoy the sandbox!

It was such a fun trip, especially that I get to share it with my dearest of highschool friends (too bad we weren't complete) <3 

And this is where my 1000-pesos took me: Around Php 500 for public transpo fares, Php 400 for the rides, and Php 100 to keep my tummy happy haha :)

Don't hesistate to go there via public transpo, it's actually easy! You just have to ride a bus from Cubao that passes by the Dau Terminal in Pampanga (worth Php 139) then take a jeepney to SM Clark (fare at Php 8). From there, you can ride a jeepney straight to SandBox (for Php 50). But make sure you have your fan with you because the jeepneys close their doors and windows during the trip since you will be passing by SCTEX *wink*

Make time to take on an adventure! Spend time with your loved ones, and celebrate every date :)

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  1. I really love this place, perfect for kids and kids at heart. There's a lot of day activities here and you will surely enjoy your visit here. Nice post Dianne! :)