Bye-bye Magnum Manila

As the saying goes, “all good things must come to an end” (huu my heart </3). For Magnum Manila, the end is eight days from now. Yes guy...

As the saying goes, “all good things must come to an end” (huu my heart </3). For Magnum Manila, the end is eight days from now. Yes guys, Magnum Manila will be closing on July 26 :(  And of course, I wouldn’t let the days pass (and just let it close down) without getting to savor their heavenly Magnum bar creations because hello?!? I LOVE ICE CREAM! 

I got all giddy and excited upon knowing they had new unique creations as part of their anniversary celebration. Oh I love celebrations <3 Feel na feel ko pa ang blow ng candle hahaha!


This beautiful moist ombre honey cake with cream cheese frosting cruncy honeycomb pieces, topped with a dark Belgian chocolate-dipped vanilla Magnum bar with Honey Stars cereals (yay!) is as sweet as it looks like. The cake was good. The slice may look small enough to be finished by a single person but I tell you, I wasn’t able to even finish it halfway. It was so sweet, too sweet for my palate – eating the ice cream and the cake together didn’t really balanced out the sweetness. I say, you try this out if you have an upcoming celebration this week and have lots of friends to share this dish with (to help you finish it haha). Because presentation wise and aliw-factor, the Magnum Anniversary Cake is a winner :)


Layers of thin French crepe and light sweet cream + refreshing mangoes and strawberries + the signature milk Belgian chocolate-dipped Magnum bar = YUM! 

I enjoyed eating this dish a lot. It is like eating your usual crepe with fruity filling topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream taken to the highest level! haha :)) The crepe itself was really good – light and fluffy layers with the frilly edges. Plus points for having chunks of sweet mangoes, my favorite! I loved eating it all together with the ice cream. But what sealed the deal for me was the tiny chocolate balls (comes in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate) that tasted like the Nestle Crunchies. It might seem to be a not-so-important part of the dish, but it actually gave texture to the whole soft and moist crepe, fruit, and ice cream combination. Again, a dish for sharing, guys!

Oh, another point, I haven’t had a hard time taking photos of this. It’s like taking photos of Angelina Jolie – beautiful in all angles *wink* haha.

Two thumbs up for the Crepe Du Jour! 


Last but, definitely, not the least! This bar of milk Belgian chocolate-coated vanilla Magnum covered with freshly torched marshmallows, on a delicate slab of dark chocolate ganache and graham tart is my favorite among the three :)

Eating the chocolate ice cream and melted marshmallow with the dark chocolate ganache and graham tart is the perfect combination *insert heart-eyed emoji here* Trying the melted marshmallow alone was, of course, too sweet, and the dark chocolate ganache, bitter. But eating them together tasted really good – balanced out the flavors.
I kept on telling that the dishes are ‘for sharing’. Yes, but with the exception of the Campfire S’mores! I loved it ☺ Don’t judge me but I actually had the dark chocolate ganache and graham tart for ‘take-out’ *covers face* haha I knew I can’t just leave that precious piece of dessert there!  

This Magnum Pleasure Store has been their Magnum bar creations for almost a year already. And to think that it was just a pop-up store, I’d say we’re lucky it ‘overstayed’ :) - the ones in Paris, New York, Johannesburg, and some more parts of the globe actually closed down already; some waaay before Magnum Manila did and some just operated for eight weeks only. 
So while you still have time (8 days left people!!), visit Magnum Manila at SM Aura in The Fort. Make sure to bring your family or friends! The experience is so much better when you share these heavenly desserts – yes, I said heavenly again, because it is just what it is @.@ 
Celebrate your ice cream and chocolate pleasures, celebrate every date! :)

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