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It’s my birthday! And as promised, I’ll be writing about my recent Palawan trip. Yay! I have so many stories and photos to share with you b...

It’s my birthday! And as promised, I’ll be writing about my recent Palawan trip. Yay! I have so many stories and photos to share with you but I really don’t want to overwhelm you with stuff so I’ll be starting off with this posh new hostel we’ve stayed at, SPIN Designer Hostel.

SPIN was such a beauty. It's really a standout compared to the other hostels in El Nido town, truly a designer hostel. Stepping foot on their grounds after our 6-hour van ride gave me so much relief, the place was sooo nice and artsy! Every corner of the hostel was Instagram-worthy *wink* We got there at around 10pm so I had to wait 'til the next day so I can take good photos. But this was an exception...

Our welcome drink - yummy watermelon shake!!! It was yummy not only to our tastebuds but also to our eyes. Camie and I brought it to our room, and when we saw our wall - it was teal <3 - we knew we had to take photos of it. Gaaah why does it have to be a teal wall, it's soo pretty *insert heart-eyed emoji here* Here's Camie taking photos of the Instagram-worthy welcome drink haha

The next day, I was really excited to get up and explore the hostel. Of course, first stop was breakfast at The Table. I liked the black and white walls, it made a good contrast to the orange-y shade of the chairs and tables and the trees and plants around the area. The huge wooden tables, which accomodates up to six people each, encourages interaction among the guests :)

There is the Egg Station just outside The Table. You can ask kuya to make you scrambled eggs, sunny-side up, or omelette. And since I like pairing my breakfast eggs with pan de sal, I requested for sunny-side up. That one cooking right there is mine haha yay!

Here are the other guests we had breakfast with. There's David and Vina, who are with us during the trip. We were waiting for the announcement from the coast guard - if they're gonna allow us to go island hopping or not.

Sadly, the coast guard cancelled our island tour :( (I'll be blogging about the alternative tour we had separately in another blogpost) And so to mend my broken heart haha! I went around the hostel to take photos. Just outside The Table where the Egg Station was The Deck. This is where we had the BBQ Night later in the evening. The Deck is an open area with surrounding trees and wooden benches, perfect for unwinding with friends. They even have a ping pong table you can play on, so if ever you want to visit SPIN, bring some ping pong rackets and balls haha. 

Going back inside the hostel, pass The Table is The Nest. SPIN has a lot of hangout areas but this has got to be the ultimate hangout space! It's complete with different kinds of entertainment people can enjoy while chilling out - they have board games, cards, books, and...

...musical instruments for the music lovers. I was actually hoping there's someone who would start playing an instrument so I can sing and jam along with but sadly, no one did. I think they sensed my plan hahaha! Out with the ordinary rugs and rubber mats, here you get to chill on top of banigs :)

 I love that there was a play of texture and lines with the interior of the hostel. The squiggly-line wall leads to the dorm rooms and common toilets.

A dorm room is shared by 4 people. You have a choice to stay in an all female dorm room for Php 825/night or in a mix dorm fpr Php 745/night. There are two bunks (four beds) in a dorm room. Camie and I actually stayed in an all female dorm room. And it actually was really comfortable. Not much difference compared to the private rooms aside from the ensuite bathrooms (lower left photo) and the choice between a double bunk (upper right photo) or double bed. It can be booked whether solo or with a friend. Both twin bunk and double bed rooms are at Php 1325/night. And if your a big group (eight or more people), you can get the connecting dorm rooms. I know how clingy groups can be during trips haha :))

This is the towering wall by the Central Steps leading to The Burrow, which is a reading nook. Here's a stolen shot I took of Camie down the Central Steps, pre-OOTD haha!

When I said every corner of SPIN was Instagram-worthy, I mean it. Just look at this wall at The Ledge - perfect for your OOTDs or emote-emote-lang photos haha -

...this group of round mirrors at the common toilet - sooo nice! -

...and even the floor! haha As proof that it's Instagram-worthy, here's Vina helping out David in preparing a flatlay shot for his Instagram feed :))

All in all, I loved my stay here in SPIN. They had very friendly and accomodating staff. I remember our BBQ night when Camie got sick, they prepared a special meal of fruits for her :) Aside from the staff, I really appreciate their usage of local materials for their interior. It added to the appeal of its nature and modern architecture mix.

If you want to visit El Nido, I suggest you stay in SPIN.  You don't have to wait going to the tourist spots - beaches, lagoons, falls, etc. - to WOW yourself here :)

 To make planning your future celebrations here more exciting, you can visit their website: www.spinhostel.com 

Instagram: @spinhostelph
Twitter: @spinhostelph
Facebook: SPIN Hostel

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