Throwback! Trip to Anilao, Batangas

Hallo everyone! I just got back to Manila from Palawan :)) BUT before I tell you how the trip went (and share about the awesomeness that ...

Hallo everyone! I just got back to Manila from Palawan :))

BUT before I tell you how the trip went (and share about the awesomeness that transpired!) let me do a throwback to my trip to Anilao, Batangas last June. This was a trip I organized with some of my closest college friends, in time for my boyfriend's birthday. And because I came back to a sickly bebe (not to mention he wanted to go to Palawan with me :P), we might as well reminisce how our most recent out-of-town trip went.

I've been to Batangas several times already. We frequent Nasugbu and Laiya, since those are the towns famous for their beaches. This time, I wanted to go to some place different - but still in Batangas haha. Good thing I found a 'winner' deal while browsing through Ensogo! yay :)

We went to Eagle Point Resort in Anilao, Batangas where we were welcomed by clear skies and beautiful corals underwater.

There is also a reef pool where you can swim with baby sharks. It was being filled with water by the time we got there - which was...good haha! since I wasn't really ready to swim with sharks yet, even though they're just babies. Tim, on the other hand, was really amused by the sharks. Thank God, he didn't try dipping in. If ever, I don't know if i'll be scared or happy for him - that he's swimming with baby sharks :O

The view by the sea was just beautiful we really had to take photos :)) That's my buddy, Anna and the pretty preggers, Chanel up there. She did a preggy shoot by the beach, and boy were her photos sooo nice *heart-eyed emoji* You can see some of her shots here.

Ian right here is Chanel's husband - her 'dakilang' photographer and 'alalay' haha! (peace BFF Ian :P) I asked him to take our photos also and he gladly did it YAY! I trust that his skills in photography will make our awkward poses look good in the photo haha.

Our first few shots were, of course, awkward -_- Tim isn't really fond of taking photos so it really takes a good number of tries before we get the shots that I want haha, thanks to Ian for his patience! 

Most of the shots were like this - wacky LOL! After a looot of shots, I finally let him swim XD

Here are my first college friends, Sunny and Boey! Obviously, they don't like being taken photos of (and I think I might regret posting this haha) We are really different from each other but by some sort of sorcery, we clicked :D And I'm happy we did *yieee*

It's almost sunset, and Tim has this face already because we have to leave by midnight (Cinderella lang ang peg! haha).

Just as I expected, the sunset was breathtaking. It was such a delight to see. I love seeing sunsets by the beach because it gives my day an extra special end :)

We moved to the pool when it was already getting dark. We were just chilling and trying out the kiddie slide - emphasis on the 'kiddie' haha! Funny how we used the slide alternately with kids with their inflatables :))

I really believe my bebe has a future in showbiz (galing um-emote). He's probably gonna kill me now for posting many photos of him hahaha!

Despite leaving Anilao at Cinderella time, we really had lots of fun. Here's to more celebrations with good friends! :D

P.S. Sorry! I wasn't able to take much photos of the resort :( but if you're interested to visit Eagle Point Resort you can check their website: You gotta take a boat ride to the Sepoc Beach Center! - something that we weren't able to do though I really really wanted to :/

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