Feels like Home: Nicandro Lutong Bahay at 10 Lilac Street

And the search for great food finds with two of my best friends - Leana and Keziah continues! Remember our first stop, Caffe Piansa? Anyway,...

And the search for great food finds with two of my best friends - Leana and Keziah continues! Remember our first stop, Caffe Piansa? Anyway, this time (for my post-birthday treat), I brought them to Nicandro Lutong Bahay at 10 Lilac Street.

Nicandro has a very homey vibe. The interior reminds me of ‘titas’ – especially the plants by the windows :)) Don’t get me wrong, I really like the place – it’s simple yet sophisticated.

I love the windows!! It’s something I would want to have in my future home.

Since we visited during their soft opening, there are dishes from their menu that weren’t available. And so we ended up with this combo (yum!):

Halaan Soup | Php 195

Don’t get fooled by it’s lack of visual appeal, this halaan soup is a ‘winner’. The clams were cooked just right – just until the shells pop open. The soup was tasty and the flavor of the ginger wasn’t too strong (yay for me!) It’s one soothing soup perfect for the rainy season :)

Pinakbet sa Bagnet | Php 235

This is our favorite among the three dishes we ordered (can’t resist the bagnet!). We were supposed to order the plain Authentic Vigan Bagnet, but since we didn’t want our visit to be that ‘sinful’ haha, we decided to go with the ‘balanced’ dish - sauté of mixed vegetables and homemade bagoong, topped with Authentic Vigan Bagnet. For the price, they had a generous serving for three persons :)

Thankfully, the veggies weren’t overcooked yay! I even got to eat the ampalaya – for someone who rarely eats one lol :))   

Now onto the star of the dish – the bagnet. It was sooo heavenly *drools* Really crispy and tasty!! Good thing there were veggies and some bagoong in the dish, because you really need to eat them all together. Eating one chunk of the bagnet alone was (for me) too much to handle lol – nakaka-umay. But boy, it was really good!

Binusog na Pusit | Php 284 

I was actually looking forward to this grilled squid stuffed with onion, tomatoes, and cheese bathing in butter and olive oil. But sadly, it was kind of a let down because it was overcooked :( We had a hard time eating it because it was gummy; though the tentacles were cooked just right (lucky tentacles haha).

True to its name, the squid was generously stuffed - busog na busog. Despite being overcooked, it still managed to make our tummies happy. It was very rich in flavor (plus butter makes almost every dish better!!)

Hopefully, in my next visit, they'll get to cook the squid perfectly :)

All in all, it was one happy and filling visit.We got our money's worth, especially with their generous serving, and there wasn't any service charge! Proof of our happiness are these derp faces of Leana and Keziah haha! They couldn't help it - the food was that good :)))

I'd definitely go back here, in the hopes of a better Binusog na Pusit haha; and of course, to try out their other dishes - waaah Authentic Vigan Banget Kare Kare please!!  If you live in Marikina, Nicandro Lutong Bahay is a must-visit :)

 Celebrate good food with family and friends! 

Nicandro Lutong Bahay
10 Lilac St. Concepcion Dos, 1811 Marikina City


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