Twenty-first Birthday Bits

It’s the first day of September and my birthday month’s over. A lot has happened, from my first ever trip to Palawan (which I still owe you ...

It’s the first day of September and my birthday month’s over. A lot has happened, from my first ever trip to Palawan (which I still owe you guys a part-2-blogpost haha) to my The Voice Kids 2 bet, Esang, losing the competition *tear* - fangirl on bitter mode haha! Anyway, I just want to share with you bits of my birthday celebration. I was suppose to do 21 items because my exact birthday is on August 21 and I just turned 21, but I realized it's a lot so I decided to do 12 items instead - a 21 in reverse hahaha!)

(Oh btw! that artwork's made by my sister, Denise. I just had to post it because it's really nice and well, natouch ako e haha!)

Since my birthday falls on a holiday (Ninoy Aquino Day), I get to make plans for one whole free day. This year it fell on a Friday, which means long weekend yay!! haha. Things really didn't go as originally planned it BUT that doesn't mean I didn't have fun :)

1. Missed studio reservation | Well, the day didn't start quite well cause I missed the studio reservation I made! I had it reserved at 9am, and guess what? I woke up at 9:45AM :( I was suppose to make a dance piece together with one of my best friends, Marjorie. I was afraid that she'll get mad. Luckily, as I checked my phone, she canceled last-minute because of an unexpected visit from their relatives. Phew! One of the few moments wherein last-minute cancellations made me happy haha!

2. Family lunch at home | My family loves staying at home, expecially my daddy. I think I'm the only one who likes to go out of the house, always :)) For my birthday, I suggested that we eat at the newly-opened restaurant just outside of our village (note: it's JUST outside of our village). As expected, my daddy suggested that we just stay at home and let him prepare my favorite dishes. He added that I should just save my money. Really, nothing beats home-cooked food by the best cook ever (no bias haha)!

3. Music Camp | A music camp was held in our church that day. It was organized by the Foursquare - Metro Manila North District team. I really like the idea of putting up events like this being the 'musical' person that I am. But for this one, I didn't get to participate though since it's my birthday :(
The guest sharers during the first day were Rev. Kathy Cueson - singer, voice coach, and lead pastor of Cornerstone Fellowship - and Rev. Kay Carolino - music director, worship leader, and lead pastor of Marikina Foursquare Gospel Church.
There were also workshops in the afternoon - for pianists, guitarists, bassists, singers, program organizers, and drummers. The band who led the workhops is our very own Capitol City Foursquare Church band. I must say, we are so blessed to have them lead our Praise and Worship every Sunday. Such great talents being used for the Lord. See the guy at the left most part of the photo? Yaaas that's my boyfriend! he led the drum workshop :)

4. Proud girlfriend moment | I was really happy and all giddy hihi, to see Tim do what he loves - playing the drums - and at the same time, share his talent to others. He's not really used to speaking in front of a lot of people, but still, he did well teaching the participants. Despite the full house venue, I still went in so I can watch him and take photos (Sooo supportive this girlfriend hahaha!)
 His passion for music keeps the musical person in me alive :) Boy is he a fan of great sound! He's my critique when it comes to the headphones/earphones/speakers I plan to buy. And good thing, this online shop, Zalora is a fan of great sound and quality headphones also - convenient way to shop woot!

5. Happy birthday songs | I love suprises and the little efforts that people do for me, like when I made rounds to take photos from the different workshop rooms and a lot of people greeted me :) Call me 'mababaw' but it really meant a lot to me.
I also got suprise "Happy Birhday songs", some from workshop classes (because their forced by their moderators haha! ) and another round from these beautiful people from our Youth department.

6. The BAEfriend wave | Need I further explain this? haha!
 Tim is werking the pabebe wave and can I just say, Alden Richards is no match to this hahaha :)

7. Old church buddy | Another good thing brought upon my supportive-girlfriend peg was seeing my old church bestriend - Harmony - who I grew up in church with. We may have parted ways when I moved to a new church eight years ago, but that doesn't make me any less proud of what you've become in the ministry :)

8. Appreciate the boyfriend | After the whole day music camp, of course, Tim and I went out to celebrate my birthday over dinner. We were suppose to watch a movie after, but when I saw how tired his eyes were. I suggested that we just go home and reserve the movie for another day. He was insisting that we watch a movie after because he knows how special birthdays are to me, and he doesn't want it to be like a normal date day. I told him that it's really okay. I'd rather have a simple dinner with him on my birthday than having him get sick the next day :")

9. Up and down the escalator | On our way to the parking lot, I was taking shots of random stuff. I took a shot of the mirror ceiling as we were going up the escalator.
I found it really cool! And so I asked Tim if we can ride the escalator again. So we won't look stupid, we were supposed to ride the escalator to the next floor, but they didn't have the mirror ceilings :( And because I really wanted to take some more shots, we ride the escalator down, then up again haha. I think we repeated doing this twice just so I can get a relatively nice shot - I'm weird I know LOL :))

10. Titas of Manila | Remember my first food post here on the blog? It was over dinner at Caffe Piansa with these titas haha! As I mentioned there, we really go out and try new restaurants as part of our birthday celebrations. So come the August 22, I brought them to the restaurant I originally wanted to bring my family to - Nicandro at 10 Lilac Street :)
I won't really share much about the food and the restaurant here since I'm reserving it for a separate blogpost hihi (yes, my friends, my pending blogposts are piling up haha!) But let's just say that Nicandro has really good Filipino lutong bahay dishes, and our choice of food was very 'tita' :))

11. Inside Out | Late in the afternoon of August 22, Tim and I finally watched the movie I wanted - Inside Out!! Initially, you may think that it's the typical shallow and forgettable movie for children with cute characters. But upon watching, I realized how the movie tugs at the hearstrings. It made me laugh and cry at the same time - such an emotional rollercoaster watching this movie :) Inside Out was about to hit the soft spot thus, appealing to viewers of all ages.

12. Massage chair, don't care | You see those massage chairs in the open area in malls where you just sit down and insert bills? We do it almost everytime we go to the mall :)) You may ask, "Doesn't it feel awkward when passers-by see you?" Well, I really don't care haha, i love massage chairs! It's very relaxing and it's worth my 20-peso bill.

And that's about it, my birthday weekend - lots of ganaps, simple joys, and the special people that put the happy in my 'Happy Birthday' :) Indeed, celebrations need not be lavish. No need to spend a lot of money, cause as long as you got the people you love around you, every day becomes a celebration!

P.S. the boyfriend felt the need to make up for my birthday weekend that has been so yesterday, we went to the Zambales and had my post-birthday celebration! YAY :)

More on this day trip to Crystal Beach Resort in Zambales on the blog sooon!! :)))

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