Touring El Nido on a Rainy Day

El Nido is famous for its majestic beaches and breathtaking lagoons. That’s why a lot of people schedule their tours during the summer – w...

El Nido is famous for its majestic beaches and breathtaking lagoons. That’s why a lot of people schedule their tours during the summer – where we have mostly sunshine-y days and calm waves. Though there are times during the rainy season and the –ber months when we get lucky and Mr. Sun decides to show up. 

“But what if my El Nido trip falls on a rainy day?” Well, if it falls on a rainy day and a storm signal is raised in Palawan, your island hopping tour (sadly) will get cancelled BUT do not fret, because this vacation paradise still has sooo much to offer. Camie, David, Vina, and I experienced this last August. Instead of going on an island hopping tour, we did the land tours. I wasn’t really expecting much from this tour, but El Nido surprised me with its beauty aside from its islands and lagoons. (such a paradise!!)

For the land tour, we had the choice to either ride a tricycle or a motorbike. The much safer choice, of course, was the tricycle – though it would mean looonger travel time and some pain in the ass (literally haha!) from sitting inside the tricycle for hours while passing through bumpy roads. But being the adventure seeker that I am, I chose to tour around with a motorbike. And luckily, everyone agreed, yay! For Php 1350 per person, we each had a motorbike and a rider/tourist guide for the whole day. 

It was really fun and exciting riding the motorbike for the tour - breathing some fresh air and seeing beautiful 'greens' all around - though when the rain fell, the rain drops felt like tiny needles aimed at my face (because we're going really fast haha). 

There was so much beauty all around that we can't help but take pictures though we're aboard the motorbike. Here's Camie and David doing some buwis-buhay taking of pictures haha!

After a 40-minute motorbike ride, we reached our first stop, the Twin Beaches of Nacpan and Calitang. We got there almost noontime, and luckily, Mr. Sun decided to show up and let us see the full beauty of this place.

We were sooo excited to take pictures and swim upon feeling the fine sand on our feet and seeing the clear blue waters. However, see that tiny hill by the shore? our kuya tour guides suggested the we do a short climb up that hill. And so, being the obedient tourists that we are (haha), off we went walking. 

There were times where we go near the waters and make some splash as if we're kids :)) These two looked more like lovebirds than kids though <3

And then Camie, went up to me and said, "kainggit naman tong dalawang to, dapat dinala natin boyfriends natin" hahaha! 

We found some pretty vines along the shore near the foot of the hill.

When we finally made it to the top, this view welcomed us <3 nothing but the word, BEAUTIFUL (again and again) coming out of my mouth :)

Of course, i needed a picture with this view (hoping to blend with its beauty and as proof that I really went here HAHA!)

 Here, you can clearly see the contrast between the two sides of the hill.

Now, you may ask where the twinning beach with Nacpan is. Here below is a photo of the Calitang Beach. The shore is covered in moss and seaweeds when we visited. There were also a lot of boats by the shore, i suppose owned by the people in Calitang Village :)

We, then, went back to Nacpan Beach to eat lunch (Sorry! I wasn't able to take pictures of our food, we were really hungry *covers face* haha)  Just a tip, if you plan to visit Nacpan Beach and order lunch from the small restaurant by the beach, reserve a table and order in advance. It becomes chaotic during lunch time as tourists swarm over. 

After lunch (while we're all busog), we went for a quick swim and took some shots for ow-ow-tee-dee - my tummy right there says sorry hahaha!

Our next stop was Naganlec Falls. Upon entering the forest, you will see a small house displaying the placard that informs you of the 50-peso entrance fee and the 25-peso gate pass. Weirded out a bit by the fees, we willingly paid for it. I thought of it as help for the locals, for helping maintain this tourist attraction :)

 The way to the waterfalls involves a trek into the forest and crossing five rivers (for around 25 minutes). Quite tired from touring our first stop, I wasn't really ready to do some trekking. But the forest was just gorgeous that it took my exhaustion away.

I almost lost one of my slippers while crossing this river haha! Good thing, one of our kuya tourguides was able to reach for it.

Hello Naganlec Falls!

As much as I wanted to make a jump, I wasn't able to gather enough courage to do so :( so I just enjoyed the cold water *brrr* and watched our kuya tourguides jump from the falls. NEXT TIME! I'll really make that jump.  

Our third and last stop is Marimegmeg Beach in Las Cabañas

Here's kuya tourguide (thank you for keeping me alive, kuya! haha) and I by the breathtaking view of the Marimegmeg Beach. We stopped by this area, a few meters away from the beach proper, to take some good shots overlooking the beach. 

 Sadly, upon reaching the beach proper, the skies went dark and the rain started pouring cutting short our visit :(

All in all, our land tour during this rainy day was fun.You just really have to be game to get all wet and make sure you have your waterproof bags with you *wink* because nature will always have its way to amaze you. Rain or shine, you will get to witness the beauty of El Nido, Palawan. Truly, the most beautiful island in the world.

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