CE1EBRATE! A Year of Celebrations

CelebrateDianne has turned one! And my first year's highlight... BALLOONS!!  Remember how my old header looked like? ;)

CelebrateDianne has turned one! And my first year's highlight... BALLOONS!! Remember how my old header looked like? ;)

Yes! the balloons have turned into real balloons after a year haha, and that's what the past year has been all about. Turning balloons into real ones - turning my thoughts and dreams into reality

Halfway through my second year in the 'real world', though advised in college on how tough it would be, I've realized that one can never really be flawlessly prepared for what the world will offer you - getting really burnt-out when you thought your 'burn-out' in thesis and orgwork was the worst, having the scare of your life: bills! (haha), well there's the good side: the overwhelming feeling of being able to buy lots of things for yourself especially during Christmas, and a lot more. It's been another rollercoaster ride, and i'm just glad the staples of my life have been there for me.

The blog has played a big role in motivating me and keeping me sane during difficult times. It's been my breath of fresh air, my own little playground, and my blank canvass that will soon house my masterpiece. It reminds me of my goals, my inspirations, and my faith. A blogpost has been a coveted prize; that when I get to tick all the boxes in my to-do list, it means I have time to write a blogpost. And every blogpost that gets published turns either my thoughts or dreams into reality.

All the travel that I get to experience, food that I get to eat, memories that I get to capture, things that I get to acquire, new friends who I get to meet, and His Word that continually reveals His wonderful plan in my life are my thoughts and prayers that have come to life. And I'm just really thankful and happy that I have the blog to help me share all of these with you.

After a year of being here, I'm really excited and more than ready to share more of life's celebrations. And of course, for all my future adventures, I won't forget my balloons - the big smile, the festive vibe, the open mind and heart, and that magic to turn things into reality. Just believe that you can :)

Thank you to everyone who have celebrated with me. Here's to more celebrations!!

P.S. With a new 'home' comes a new layout and design!! <3 Hope you all like it :)

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