A CLOSER LOOK on Call Center Agent, Proud Son of Jeepney Driver and House Helper, (soon a) UP Graduate - Jay Solitana

CelebrateDianne is all about inspiring people. That's why, today I gladly put the spotlight on my orgmate back in college, Jay, whose ...

CelebrateDianne is all about inspiring people. That's why, today I gladly put the spotlight on my orgmate back in college, Jay, whose profile-picture-caption-of-feels made rounds on social media and inspired thousands of people - with almost 65,000 likes on Facebook! I got to catch up with this artista (haha) a few days ago and it was really nice of him to share some tips to working students like him:

1. WORK HARD. - Good things come to those who wait but great things are achieved by people who work hard. Earning a college degree is not done overnight. Kailangan mong mag-exert ng madaming effort, experience a lot of sleepless nights and surpass a lot of hurdles along the way. Alam kong mahirap talaga pagsabayin ang trabaho at pag-aaral, sobrang nakakapagod, but you have to work your ass off if you want to go places.

2. PRAY. - Talk to Him. Seek Him. Trust Him. Keep in mind that you have a God who's in control of everything. Aminado akong madalas, pagod at hinang-hina ako dahil sa kawalan ng tulog, but God always gives me enough strength to get through each day be it in work or at school.  Lagi Niyang pinapaalala sakin na magiging okay ang lahay at hindi ko kailangan mag-worry. Always trust that He has bigger plans for you than you have for yourself.

3. KEEP GOING. -When life at school and work gets rough and you feel like  giving-up , always go back to the very reason why you're  striving hard to finish your studies. Make that as your motivation to push yourself to move forward- to keep going. There were a lot of times na gusto ko na sumuko, pero I always keep in mind na ginagawa ko tong lahat para sa pamilya ko. I want to give them a comfortable life and I believe that graduating from college will allow me to get a better job. Kahit pakonti-konting units okay lang, what's important is you're getting closer to your goals each day-- ang mahalaga umuusad ka kaya don't stop until you reach what you want to achieve in life. :)

I was really happy to see Jay beaming with positivity. And when asked how he feels about all the attention and kind words he got from the people on social media:
"Really unexpected tong nangyari and never in my wildest dreams na inisip kong aabot sa ganito. Alam mo when I started the year, I prayed to God to make 2016 bright for me and also for my family. I want to claim it kaya as soon as napost yung last grade na hinihintay ko sa CRS, pinalitan ko kaagad ng graduation photo yung profile picture ko to motivate me to do my best in whatever God has in store for me this year. Para sa akin, yung caption na ginawa ko is just a normal post with feels and gratitude to people, yung naipon lang for sooo many years of hardships. I also want to recognize my parents for doing the best they can for me to finish my studies and for supporting my decisions in life. I know na yung pagtrending ng post ko sa social media is part of God's plan. He used me as an instrument to give hope to people in all walks of life. I'm happy that my story has inspired them not to take for granted education, to always honor their parents for their sacrifices and to do what we're all supposed to do - to give back to our country. Gaya nga ng sabi ko sa post ko, laging ialay sa bayan ang karangalan at kahusayan."

Here's a photo of Jay with his mom and dad. Not in the photo are his 2 siblings - his kuya who's currently as a messenger in a marketing firm in Makati, and his younger brother who's also graduating from college this year alongside Jay (double celebration for the family yay!).

Jay is a great example of the person this blog hopes for you to become - someone optimistic enough to see the goodness in their everyday life, someone who celebrates every date!

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