My Boyfriend's No Fan of Social Media and It's Exactly What I Needed: A Post-Valentine Entry

The photo may look all cute and funny, but it says a lot about how my boyfriend reacts to all my flatlays, shoots, etc. He finds it...

The photo may look all cute and funny, but it says a lot about how my boyfriend reacts to all my flatlays, shoots, etc. He finds it weird, and when it gets too much - a gazillion shots of almost everything around me or non-stop Facebook-ing, Instagram-ing, or Snapchat-ing - he gets really annoyed. And it was this Valentine's Day when I realized that... my boyfriend's no fan of social media and it was exactly what i needed.

I love flowers. He finds it impractical. That's why when I receive flowers from him, I know it's for a very special reason. And that he loves me so much to keep up with my weird requests haha! The (weird) little things really make me happy that it shows on my face and he goes 'grabe, nags-sparkle talaga mata mo' :))

This is one of the many differences that we have. The conflict comes in when I take tons of pictures - trying to get my perfect shot - and get preoccupied with things of the 'social media world'. I always try to defend myself telling him that it is a part of my job, an important factor in my blogging, etc. There are instances when my reasoning is valid. However, there are also moments, when I cut the conversation and change the topic because it's just something that we don't really agree on. For the longest time, I haven't understood why he despise social media that much...until I realized how I go from bearable to annoyingly frustrating (for him).

One good thing about our relationship is that we don't let a day pass without fixing an argument or at least, venting out to each other what our issues were. And on that fateful Valentine's day, he told me "'re killing the moment, give too much importance in documenting the things that you start to forget you're actually in a date with me" Then I knew, I was at fault. Instead of thinking why he is not into it, I should've checked on myself first, 'why do I post on social media?' 'why do I take photos or record almost everything that happens in my life?'

Admittedly, I went over the limits that day. I got so excited how things were too beautiful for documentation that that moment in reality didn't feel like beautiful. Though it made me feel really really bad, I was thankful. Thankful because I finally undertstood that our opposite views on this matter isn't a bad thing but rather a thing I needed. I know a lot of girls can relate this story and I tell you gurlas, it's exactly what we need :))

Now, we compromise whenever we go on dates and I want to write a story about it (which of course, requires me to take photos). No Facebook post? No problem :D Honestly, I'd rather feel his love than see it (on Facebook) haha! Although, I rejoice whenever he gets overdosed with vitamin C-weet and goes all cheesy on Facebook lol.

He prompts me -when he furrows his brows - when I go beyond our 'rules'. He pulls me out of the 'virtual world' when I dawdle for too long. He keeps me grounded on the things that matter. He reminds me to keep it real while inspiring others. And today, which is an extra special day we encounter once every four years, only deserves an extra special story to celebrate for in the blog <3

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