My Typo(f) Planner

So here I am trying to be witty with my posts once again (my Typo planner, my 'type of' planner, gets?) - why am I even explaining ...

So here I am trying to be witty with my posts once again (my Typo planner, my 'type of' planner, gets?) - why am I even explaining the pun -_- HAHA anyway, it's Day 36 of 366, d'you already have a trusty planner with you? Well, my search this year was different. I decided to stay away from 'hoarding' coffee and scoured the malls for that perfect item. And look what I found...

...a Typo 2016 Inspirational Diary!!! It came in two of my favorite shades - teal and gold. Oh it was love at first sight <3 What first caught my attention was the festive cover - reminded me so much of the blog. PLUS it has the line, "today is the day", which made me feel like the planner was really meant for me haha. Call me weird but it gives me the same ring as "celebrate every date" (or am I just biased? :P)

Of course, it has the staples - the personal identification page, contacts page, notes, and yearly calendar. Pardon my hand-writing. I get really excited to write on new planners so I wrote my name (etc.) on it the moment I got it.

The planner also has some special pages: the places-to-go page and the favorite-websites-blogs-page. I love how the template is 'updated'; like the entries for the places-to-go already have a blank for the website, and well. the fact that the favorite-websites-blogs-page exists means that more people are becoming aware of the searching culture we've developed in this digital age (naks ;)).

Staying true to its item name, the planner's really full of inspirational phrases. You begin each month with a new inspirational phrase, and a question to reflect on. I took photos of some of my favorites.

Of course, the most important part is the space for your daily thoughts & musings. It has 7 days a week in one page and a whole page next to it for your weekly scribbles. So far, this has been working out for me; though my daily to-do list at work is in a separate notebook because (I swear) it's gonna ruin the beauty of the planner haha. Oh also, the start of each month has a monthly calendar for you to be able to plot your events and well, special dates to remember.

Because no two months are the same, each month has a different design (how cute is that?!). I'm really happy I found Typo here in High Street!!! It's the haven for everything cute, cool, and artsy-fartsy - may it be gift items, wall arts, craft and travel accessories, or stuff for DIY that you're looking for. Now, my everyday celebrations have become cuter :3

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