ENuff with Goodbyes

TWO YEARS. After two years in my Nuffie home, I'm now off to my next adventure. The past week has been filled with goodbyes, and I fough...

TWO YEARS. After two years in my Nuffie home, I'm now off to my next adventure. The past week has been filled with goodbyes, and I fought it hard not to cry - being the cry baby that I am.

I remember my immediate supervisor telling me - when I filed my resignation - that wherever I may go, whatever job I may take, my first job will always have a special place in my heart. I found it a bit cheesy before, but now I understand.

Last week's goodbyes were so difficult to break, and the posts for me on social media instantly made tears well up my eyes. One, because I'm surely gonna miss seeing and talking to these people everyday. Two, (and most importantly) because I'm really grateful for the experiences and friendships that I've gotten. And so, eNuff with sad goodbyes - punny Nuffnang hangover lol - my heart's ready to burst with lots of thank-yous!

People say agency work can get all crazy and major S.T.R.E.S.S. but thank you to my amazing officemates - the Nuffies!!! -  for making the craziness bearable and fun. My weirdness found its match in this group. I'm thankful for office sing-alongs, honest to goodness critics, pampataba food, Christmas sales/raffle (c/o our 'merciful' boss haha), etc. Heartfelt thanks also to my seniors who have equipped me with the things I needed to know about the digital industry and for prepping me to lead a team. The two batches of Talent Team I've been a part of have been nothing short of amazing. Difficulties and CHALLENGES (all caps kasi intense lol!) have always been there but we always find a way to get through them.

Side B of my work is into the blogging world - outside the craziness of the Nuffnang HQ and into the fancy world of bloggers. I was a bit intimidated when I worked on our first blogger event. My major worry was my outfit LOL - how to looked presentable without looking overdressed, or how to avoid unnecessary attention or stares. As time went by, all my assumptions and worries disappeared as I get to know these top bloggers - that they were as crazy as me, and some even worse haha. I'm thankful to all the bloggers who've become my friends - to those I've shared unforgettable experiences and great laughters with. Despite the top blogger status, these people remain humble and real. Thank you for the inspiration.

And of course, to the people who were the most difficult to say goodbye to :( my Bloggerati babies, thank you for letting me be a part of your lives - from being the receiver of your hugot feels and selfies from wherever to being your confidant. It's been over a year with you guys. I hope you're all happy with what we've achieved. Every success you make is a proud 'momager' moment for me :) Cheesy (again) as it sounds, I may have left you 'in paper' but in my heart, I will always be here to support you all *cries*

ENuff with goodbyes. Thank you for being happy for me. I will continue to share my celebrations with you. There's no stopping us from celebrating every date :)

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