The Hair is Saved! A Visit at Junca Concept Salon

I have my hair coloured regularly. And instead of going to top hair salons for the treatment, I go to our friendly-neighborhood salon ....

I have my hair coloured regularly. And instead of going to top hair salons for the treatment, I go to our friendly-neighborhood salon . One, because of the huge difference in the cost; two, because either way, my hair gets coloured the way I want it. I don't give extra attention to hair care treatments or specialty products since I have (not to brag but) naturally healthy-looking hair, UNTIL my recent hair colour treatment that made my hair appear orange - a very loud, light, and burnt orange! It was a disaster. This got me so panicky that I wanted to wear a cap all the time :( good thing I chanced upon Junca Concept Salon - they SAVED my hair!!!
This was my hair's state before the treatment. I was both excited and nervous - excited that finally my hair colour is gonna get fixed, and nervous if the hairstylist can make my hair colour #goalz come true.

To help me calm down my nerves, I had a chitchat with Junca Salon's Marketing & Management Head, Shunsuke Stephen Kuroki. He shared with me a lot of things about the concept salon. Their original Junca treatment that came all the way from Japan boasts of the use of Hydrogen and Platinum Nano Colloid Essence. At first, I didn't really get what it does to your hair but when Stephen explained it to me, I just went... OOH WOW

With the use of hydrogen mist and platinum nano color essence in their products, they lessen hair damage and maximize color stay. Basically, they want to relieve us women of the worries that go with our hair treatment experiences. I'll go through the specifics of each special process they add to the hair colour treatment as we go through it step by step.

With the relief knowing that I'm in good hands, we (finally) started with the treatment. As you can see, upon their assessment of my hair, it had 'fried' roots and (VERY) obvious distinction from my original hair color.

By the way, apart from Stephen and Junca Salon's owner, Hisayuki Nagatome, all of their staff are Pinoys - hurray! They trained their Filipino staff with Japanese techniques and technology on hair care.

Before 'getting in contact' with chemicals for hair colour, they sprayed their Platinum Nano Colloid essence on my roots for scalp care. This is to protect my scalp and lessen the itchiness during the treatment.

Next, they sprayed another special essence - their Junca Awa Essence - onto the strands of my hair. This, actually, does a lot for the hair. It (1) protects my hair from dust and humidity, (2) lessens hair damage, (3) gives hair volume and lift, and (4) opens the molecules of my hair to absorb the hair colour chemicals

Then, we proceeded with my favorite part :D the Junca Hydrogen Essence Steamer. They use this compact machine to produce the hydrogen mist. It (1) opens the hair cuticles, (2) prevents hair damage due to colouring, and (3) conditions my hair before the colouring. They go through with the mist from the tips to the roots of my hair. It felt refreshing not just on my hair and scalp, but also on my face! Yup, they 'sprayed' it on my face also hihi.

Finally, we started with the hair colour treatment. Junca hairstylist, Archie, was the one who worked his magic on my hair. He applied highlights on my hair (my very first try on highlights!)

It was quite funny seeing all these foils on my hair haha! Then, there was another round with (my favorite) Hydrogen steamer to make sure my hair and scalp are protected :)

As you can see, there was a change in the color of my photos LO we started at around 3:30 pm and finished at 8:30 pm. Thus, the poor lighting. But anyway, after the rinsing and blowdrying of my hair, I saw the result. And boy was it worth the five hour treatment!

 Compared to my initial hair close-up photo, this is obviously waaaay better!

 I LOVE IT! all thanks to Archie and of course, Junca Salon's special hair care treatment <3
The poor 9pm lighting didn't give justice to how my hair colour was beautifully done, so I had a few shots taken the following morning.

It's been almost a month since my treatment, and I am still loving how my hair looks now! If you want to experience their quality hair services, you can go to their main branch along Sgt. Esguerra across ABS-CBN. It has pink Junca flags around the building so it won't be difficult to locate. 

Here are their current rates, just in case you need it before booking your visit :)

You can check their social media accounts for more details!

Here's to more hair-rific celebrations!

EDIT: Junca Salon has a 25% OFF promo ongoing 'til the end of the month - May 2016

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