Memories Alive In An Instax [+ GIVEAWAY!(CLOSED)]

NOSTALGIC. Only a few days left ‘til the UP Grad and the sunflowers are in full bloom! I remember how I fancy these sunflowers wh...

NOSTALGIC. Only a few days left ‘til the UP Grad and the sunflowers are in full bloom! I remember how I fancy these sunflowers when I attended my UP grad a few years ago – how badly I wanted to take home with me some stalks (but wasn’t allowed haha) because these blooms were my simple joys and inspiration during some dreadful thesis moments.  And last Saturday, I went back to UP to relive my memories of these beauties.

We walked along the University Avenue – where the sunflowers were – during sunset. It was like a trip down memory lane – a flashback of special moments and good old college memories. Personally, the sunflowers symbolize my accomplishment to have graduated as an Iskolar ng Bayan who’s about to step onto the real world, and my loyalty and promise to the institution that equipped me to be better, to be in service of the people (NAKS! haha). But really, in simple terms, it meant that I’m ready to face the next phase of my life.

During this momentous event I had in 2014, of course, I took lots of photos. Photos that mostly remained in their digital form – a folder in my Desktop files or an album on Facebook. I wish I printed them all, but then it won’t look artsy, um let me rephrase that haha I wish I had my Instax camera with me back then! I could’ve had all those creative prints to capture the special moments.

Oh well, enough of the regrets. This time, I made sure that I bring it with me. This model that I have is an Instax Mini 70s. It was perfect for our sunset shoot since it had an Automatic Exposure Control, which means it captures bright backgrounds as well as bright subjects even in dark scenes (even when the sunflowers I shot were against the light!). And since it’s automatic, I didn’t have to manually tweak the settings to calculate the surrounding brightness and adjust shutter speed, yay!

I made I sure that I had a memento of the sunflowers. And because picking of flowers is not allowed (and I don’t want the upcoming graduates photos to be denuded of sunflowers hihi), I kept a souvenir in an instax! A special sunflower moment I’ll be keeping forever :)

I’ve started keeping memories in an Instax last March (when I had to leave my former team and went on the next phase of my career). From then on, I made sure I have my Instax camera with me in important events and celebrations. As my Instax collection grew, I’ve started to appreciate how these films make keeping memories and moments special. I suddenly wanted to take pictures with every special person in my life and have their faces in my wallet, or on my office desk, or on my room's wall haha. I guess, it feels good to have something to physically hold, to post (not on your virtual social media wall), or to simply look at when you need a breather in this fast-paced and dynamic lives of ours :)

With films, we get to keep memories forever - something that no computer virus or broken external drive can take away from you haha. That's why I've really been loving this camera. Btw, it has a Selfie mode - for those who can't leave the selfies to the smartphones hihi - and a Hi-key mode - for those who want to capture bright beautiful skin tones that seem to have #filter :))

Because Celebrate Dianne is all about sharing life's every day celebrations, I'll be giving away ONE Fujifilm Instax mini 8 Camera unit with one Instant Film Twin Pack!

All you have to do is (1) post a photo of your favorite memory with your family and friends on Instagram, share why it's a memory you'd like to keep forever, and use the hashtag #instaxcelebratedianne - so I can see your entries (2) follow @teaminstaxph and @diannesanpedro on Instagram

That simple yay! You can post as many entries as you want. Just remember, the last day of submission of entries is on July 2, 2016. I will be announcing the winner of the giveaway the week after (between July 3 to 9, 2016) so stay updated :)

Good luck everybody! Continue to celebrate every date and keep memories forever!

P.S. don't forget to set your account to public so we can see your entries.

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