New Found Love

First encounter with this 'lover' was earlier this year, when one of my best friends, Keziah, introduced and had me try it. I...

First encounter with this 'lover' was earlier this year, when one of my best friends, Keziah, introduced and had me try it. I got all giddy and excited about it, but  I didn't push through with it. Until last week, when my arts-and-crafts-addict officemate brought me crafts shopping. There I found brush pens - my new found love <3
I have been practicing Brush Calligraphy/Lettering for a week now (strong newbie feels haha!) and I can't stop! It's as if there's a strong force pulling me to enter National Book Store and buy new brush pens. A few sheets of practice has now been a part of my day starter/ender rituals, it's craaaazy.

These are my first and my most recent practice sheets. The one written in dark brown, my first; and the one written in light brown, my most recent. I used my Kuratake ZIG Brushables Two-tone Brush Pen. The brush tip isn't too firm nor too flexible, just the right feel. Also, it's easy to hold - great for writing long pieces which means many manyyyy words! (small- to medium-sized letters) I was able to buy it from National Book Store for Php 135.00 . This is actually the most expensive among the three pens I have now, but sulit naman, since you get two colors in one pen *wink*

This next brush pen is my current favorite, the  Akashiya Sai Watercolor Brush Pen <3 Again, bought from National Book Store at Php 129.00. I had a difficulty using it at first because of its soft brush tip, but eventually I gained control and got the hang of using it. The Sai Brush Pen allows you to do a wide variety sizes and thickness of letters. You just have to apply varying pressure (naks I feel so 'pro' haha!) It's so flexible and the easiest to hold - since it's as slim as most of our ballpoint pens.

The last of the three starter pens I have (which will probably gain new 'family' members soon lol) is the Faber Castell PITT Artist Brush Pen, which I bought for Php 106.75 from National Book Store, again! That place is just heaven!! The brush tip is more firm than flexible so I use it for small- to (sometimes) medium-sized letters that I make. I think I'd have to buy Faber Castell PITT Artist Big Brush Pen for the large letters. The feel of the pen is the same as your usual Faber Castell Ballpoint Pen, easy to hold as well.
As you  can see, my practice sheet is full of my feels towards this new found love - addicting and expensive (ang mahaaal, awaat naaa! haha). 

So there you have it! My starter sheets and pens. Please do not bash my newbie skills HAHA but I would love to hear out your suggestions, especially on the other Brush Pen brands I can buy and try out :)
Hope to share more celebrations with you all using my new found love!

P.S. Sorry for the low quality photos for today's post :( my camera is currently in the 'hospital'.

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