T&D Says | Inside the SaladBox Man: Power Play (July-August 2016)

So happy to have published the first post for this T&D Says series! *wink* Similar to a He says, She says, Tim and I will be sharing ...

So happy to have published the first post for this T&D Says series! *wink* Similar to a He says, She says, Tim and I will be sharing with you our ideas, opinions, and thoughts on our food trips, travels, movie dates, unboxing, issues (? haha) etc. As they say, two heads are better than one. Really excited about this!!

Our first attempt is on unboxing the SaladBox Man, July-August 2016 box...

Just a disclaimer, Tim was NEVER particular about men's grooming. As long as he has his shampoo and soap for bathing, he'll live. So I was really excited to get him the SaladBox Man - for some well-curated subscription box :)

Moving forward with the box, for STYLE, there were:

Knitties Knit Ties (Php550)
D Says I find this cute and modern. A refresher from your typical tie. Fun but still means business *wink*
T Says Aren't ties suppose to have a pointed tip? Not your normal tie but I'd still try wearing it. Ang 'fashioner' lang haha!

Folded and Hung Socks (Php199)
T Says it's soft and comfy to wear, oh and it looks like Deadpool's!
D Says I like that it’s still plain with just some pop of color on the toe and heel area – simple and not too bold, something I think Tim would consider wearing.

Nivea Men Acne and Oil Face Scrub (Php 177)
D Says Men have oilier faces than women, so this face scrub specially made for men is a must-have.
T says I'm not really a fan of Face Scrub, not comfy with the micro-beads and how it makes my face whiter than normal (aka exfoliation)

VMV Hypoallergenics 1635 Shave Cream (Php 430)
D Says I like that it has a mild scent, just smells 'clean'. Here to softer, smoother (for the boyfriend)

 Suprise , suprise! There's a VMV 25% off discount card in the box. You can use it on all VMV products. Visit their store and get free samples :)

Benefit Gimme Brow Brow-Volumizing Gel (full size, Php 1400)
T Says Ha! Do I really need that? Ano ako artista?
D Says Well, for those with sparse, unruly man brows, here's the solution for you. Say hello to 'fuller' brows! And it doesn't end there, because Benefit has so much love for us, the box also has a card for a free Brow Wax Sevice (Php 650)

ToppCock All-In-One Shower Gel (Php 199)
T Says I like the smell, it smells good. Also, it's really convenient that I can use it not just my body, but also for my scalp as well. 

ToppCock Silver (full size, Php 185)
T Says May ganito? Somewhat like a masculine wash (kasi may feminine wash haha) but a leave-on gel. 

D Says I have nothing to say about these. It's kinda weird. No, really weird haha!

**ToppCock Silver is an anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial leave-on gel that you apply on your "man parts" to keep it clean and smelling great.

Ferrari Man In Red EDT (full size, Php 1350)
D Says Oh! I like it <3 It smells better when worn hihi. And it smells like a masculine man, 'yung lalaking kaya kang buhayin HAHAHA
Tsays I really like the smell. A refreshing, oriental, wood fragrance. I'm picky when it comes to scents, so it says a lot that I like it (naks haha)

What can I say? SaladBox Man has a lot of treats! It comes with a Felipe and Sons Gift Card AND a Resorts World Salon Gift Card.

This was actually the first ever launched SaladBox specially curated for men. It's a bi-monthly subscription box, so if you're interested in getting one, head on to their site: http://www.saladbox.com.ph/saladbox-man . In a few weeks, they will be releasing their second SaladBox for September-October 2016. Check out their social media sites to stay updated on their new offerings. I just saw teasers of their second box there <3
Instagram: @saladboxmanph 
Facebook: SaladBox Man

AND THAT'S IT for our first T&D Says post. Hope you've gotten a few helpful insights from us :) What d'you want us to write together next? 

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