Twenty-Two and Loved

Another August 21 has passed, and I'm a year older. My birthday falling on a Sunday wasn't really the scenario I have in mind for a ...

Another August 21 has passed, and I'm a year older. My birthday falling on a Sunday wasn't really the scenario I have in mind for a celebration as it's always been a full Church day, and I usually pack my special day with something well um, special haha like a beach trip, a road trip to places I've never been, a series of dates over food (with different circles of friend and family), etc. However, despite being on a Sunday, yesterday's birthday celebration turned out to be one of the most memorable celebrations I've had.

My family and friends know I am a sucker for surprises. Though with my family, I don't really expect such since I always catch them planing/preparing, thus ruining the surprise haha. And with our birthday itinerary, Church-Buffet-Home, it didn't cross my mind at all.

And so we attended our 7am church service then proceeded to our Eat-And-Drink-All-You-Can Buffet we all prepared for LOL.

I was really looking forward to their dessert plate for birthday celebrators, 'cause who doesn't like birthday presents? :) The plate was served with a "Happy Birthday Diane" D-I-A-N-E?! Why do people always miss on the second "N"? Anyway, I'd still give it to them for the effort, even though the candle was bigger than the cuppy cake haha!

Props to their staff for keeping their energy up despite having to repeat their dance number for around  10X (madaming may birthday haha)!

In an effort to make the plate look 'happier', I added two more cuppy cakes. And guess what clumsy Dianne did? Dropped cuppy cake no. 2 FACE DOWN ruining the chocolate-syrup-birthday-greeting -_- hahaha!

All those let-downs and still this birthday girl is all smiles. Thanks to my family who are used to all my bloopers and comic banats, and of course, to my super boyfriend for keeping up with this cray cray (especially for picking me up from work the past OT week) <3

And of course, for knowing how National Book Store and SM Department Store's Beauty Section makes me happy *flashes the widest of my wide smiles* :D

 And the biggest yet simplest surprise of all, THIS.

When we got home from our belly-bloating-buffet, I went up to my room to change clothes - not knowing that my sisters were about to reveal their evil plan hahaha. A few minutes later, while I was chillin' on our sofa, these two minions came in with balloons and birthday artworks. I tried so hard to fight back my tears because I don't want to look like a cry-baby, because of BALLOONS AND NOTES. I don't know, there's just something about little gestures like this that makes my heart full <3

As we went through the day, I felt God's amazing love. He reminded me of how blessed I am to have such wonderful people in my life.  Truly, there's no greater feeling in the world than LOVE. And hopefully, I'll get to share this love to more and more people <3

Thank you everyone for all of your birthday messages. Also, thank you for celebrating every date with me!

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