Pamper Perfect at Skin Lounge Facial and Body Spa

Like most girls, I love getting my face and body pampered. However, though there are already a number of facial and body care centers around...

Like most girls, I love getting my face and body pampered. However, though there are already a number of facial and body care centers around the metro, I tend to do some services myself in the fear of getting  a skin care disappointment, maybe a skin care disaster, or worse, a budget mess haha. I wasn’t really trusting to other people when it comes to my face and body. But there was this certain facial and body care center – Skin Lounge Facial and Body Spa – that has been consistently getting good reviews from people I know so I gave it a try. And thank goodness I did!!

The clinic has a very cool and relaxing vibe with its interiors in hues of blue and green. Upon entering the premises, you will be attended by their ever-smiling-face receptionist, Mayence :)
I love how they mix-and-matched colors for their reception area. Plus, they have a really spacious and comfy sofa, which means there will be no uneasy waiting on queue. They also have a TV to keep you entertained when the waiting gets a little longer haha.
 They have a number of room to cater for their clients who wants to get serviced alone in a single room, for couples, and of course, for those normal people (like me) who are okay with any room as long as they get serviced haha! Here is a photo of their room where they do the facial care services. I like that they have very compact equipment and beds, it makes their area look cleaner and more spacious.

Two words. EFFECTIVE and AFFORDABLE. Perfect Combo, that's it! *drops mic*
Kidding haha, honestly, I didn't expect their services to be really effective since they offer it at affordable prices. But I was proven wrong when I gave it a try.

Diamond Peel
We undergo this treatment to removes excess oil, dirt and dead cells on the surface of  our skin so it looks younger and brighter. In short, we clean the face to make it look better hihi :)
 They did half of my face first so I can see the effect. Can you guess what side they did first? Yup! the left side. As you can see, the left side, right away, appeared to be lighter and less oily.
 Of course, I had both sides done.  Hello freshness!
They ended the treatment with a Milk Facial Mask to keep my face soft and nourished :)

Face and Tummy Slimming
I was actually really excited about this service.We often hear claims of slimming services that give you instant results. So now that I had the chance to try it myself, I got all giddy! According to Skin Lounge's in-house nurse, Kristal, the slimming treatment for the face and tummy gives you the visible results in just one session, unlike the treatment for the arms and legs that needs around 3-6 sessions.
They use Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Devices to do the job.
My first experience with an RF Skin Device (in another clinic which I would not tell hihi) was stressful. They used a Monopolar RF machine, which required me to hold a metal bar tightly - emphasis on the 'tightly' - during the whole 45-minute treatment, or else I'll get eletrocuted. Imagine how tight I held that bar! haha. I couldn't sleep nor entertain myself using my phone.
At Skin Lounge - thank goodness! - they were already using a bipolar RF Machine, which means I no longer have to stress out with the idea of gettin electrocuted haha. I can also use my camera or cellphone during the process. The heat wasn't painful. It really relaxing that I almost dozed away the whole treatment.
They did half my face first, and boy were there visible results! The left side (which was done first) of my face looks slimmer, tighter, and well, 'lifted'.
And then onto the other side...
And voila!
They actually did the treatment on my crispy-lechon-belly (haha) and it was immediately trimmed off of one centimeter! Out of my curiosity, I asked Kristal if my tomato nose can also undergo RF treatment. And she bursted into laughter (LOL-levels haha!) She said that I wasn't the first person to ask that question - which was good to know :)) Kristal added that some other clients even ask if the tummy fats can be pushed up to their chests for fuller-looking breasts, or if the leg fats can be pushed up to their butts hahahaha! At the end, Kristal said no. That the requests or procedures we were pertaining to aren't under the RF treatment but under a totally different aesthetic procedure. That in order to really get drastically slimmer, proper diet and workout are needed. So for those who are thinking of relying totally on RF treatments to "bring that sexy back", sorry to say but you still need to work your ass off and eat properly *wink* RF treatments are really more for reshaping and toning the body.
*full list of Skin Lounge's sevices at the end of the blogpost

What can I say... Skin Lounge has really good staff - very accomodating, polite, friendly, and efficient. On the photo below is their in-house nurse and skin consultant, Kristal. She takes care of me like a VIP (naks!) She always has a smile on her face, always has answers to my questions yay! She is prompt is replying to my text messages whenever I book an appointment.
Despite  having clients to service here and there, the therapists and nurses at Skin Lounge still have time to slow down and have a little fun :)
They were sooo adorable, they asked if they can have a picture with me haha! Right away, I told them I was no celebrity so take a photo with me? :)) "Mukha ka namang artista ma'am e", yeah, that's what they said. I don't know if they are just trippin' on me but I just said, "sige na nga, at least, pag artista na'ko, meron na agad kayong picture" hahaha!

It is very important to me that the location is accessible. Living in Marikina, a go-to place in Quezon City is a huge sigh of relief, compared to if it were in Ortigas, Taguig, or Makati.
Skin Lounge is located at the 2nd floor of the TSL Building along E. Rodriguez in Quezon City. If you’re not that familiar with it, it’s along the same road as St. Lukes Medical Center. Once you reach the 2nd floor of the building either through using the elevator or going up a flight of stairs, it won’t be that hard to find Skin Lounge since you will be able to see this signage right away.
And speaking of accessibility, Skin Lounge will now be accessible to more people as it’s already open for franchise! Just contact JL David at 0927 662 888 for more details.

I'm so glad to have finally found my go-to facial and body care center. Can't wait to try out their spa services on my next visit! Here's to more pamper perfect celebrations :)

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