8-Week Challenge with Doctor Diet Manila aka How I Lost 13 Pounds in 8 Weeks!

And just like that, January is already over. How's your New Year's resolution going, more importantly, your fitness goals? hihi. If ...

And just like that, January is already over. How's your New Year's resolution going, more importantly, your fitness goals? hihi. If you are still struggling to shed off those pounds, read on as I share with you my 8-Week Challenge with Doctor Diet Manila - 13 pounds off the scale with barely any workout included (hihi sorry Miss Fia!)

One of my favorite meal days!! (Whole wheat buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup and egg | Sweet and sour fish with veggies and rice | Tuna burger | Popcorn and fruit cup for snacks)

Ever since I stopped dancing - doing performances, trainings, and all - I slowly gained weight, and sadly, lost the muscles :( (I actually shared these sentiments of mine on this post) Yup! it's been a long standing dilemma - the weight-gain-huge-appettite-no-workout combo x_x Believe me, I've tried squeezing in gym time but I just couldn't sustain it PLUS the fact that I really can't give up eating. I LOVE EATING!

However, after a long delibration (with myself haha) I've decided to cut my calorie intake to finally lose weight, 'cause I realized it's really with proper diet that you lose weight. I tried doing it on my own first - doing research, eating less rice, etc - but it wasn't working out for me, because often times I cheat haha! but really, I just had no time, and enthusiasm (and maybe no confidence in my self-taught nutritionist skills hehe) to do healthy food preps. And so, I searched for a diet food delivery service to subscribe to. While browsing on Instagram, I came across Doctor Diet Manila!

What convinced me to try out their services? Their Nutritionist Dietitian! Asking around friends who've tried subscribing to other food delivery services, I found out that some of them doubt if their meal plans are really custom-made for their calorie needs or if the food sent really are for cutting weight, worse if it's healthy. That's why, having a nutritionist dietitian prepare my food somehow made me confident that I'm up to see some results. Also, they have fitness coaches also in the team!

Doctor Diet Head Dietitian and Fitness Coach Miss Fia was really accommodating and hands-on - really like having your personal dietitian and fitness coach. I thought it would just be like ordering a meal of plan of a certain calorie count, but no. It included consultation and customizing the meal plan based on the client's needs and limitations. 

My Diet Rx is at 1180kcal - Low Fat. She even gave me targets to achieve throughout the 8-week challenge - 1kg Fat weight weekly (hehe) I was hesitant at first because I plan to do workouts while subscribed to the plan. I thought the low calorie count would make me faint in between workouts. But thanks to Coach Bobby (part of the Doctor Diet team as well), because he provided me with customized workout plans! How amazing is that?! Having a personal trainer as bonus for your food delivery subscription *wink*

Php 1750 for the following: 
(1) 3 main meals and snacks, properly computed individually by a Philippine Registered Nutritionist Dietitian and UK-certified Sports Nutritionists, for FIVE DAYS
(2) professional weight monitoring from our Health and Fitness Team composed of internationally trained Fitness coaches
(3) weekend DIY Diet-plan 
(4)workout plan(upon request)
I'd say it's SUPER SULIT! only Php 350 day and you get the items above, can it get any better than that? :D

I have this assumption that diet meals are bland and not yummy at all hehe. But Doctor Diet proved me wrong. They gave me great meal times, sometimes it feels like I'm not on a diet haha. Imagine having pancakes (with maple syrup!!) or baked dark chocolate donuts for breakfast, or burgers for dinner! sooo dreamy! Of course, there are those shockingly delicious (hehe) rice meals. Here are some of my meal sets during the 8-week challenge:

Pinoy Ensaymada and tsokolate | Jerked Fish fillet with tomato salsa and rice | Pasta Bolognese | Fruit & cassava chips for snacks
Cereal and milk with flax seed | Beef mushroom, veggies, and rice | Something Fishy Burger | Biscuits and Granola & Fruit Cup for snacks
One of those challenging days haha! (or maybe on those days when I tell Miss Fia I had cheat days and give me this punishment haha kidding!) Egg breakfast | Boneless Sour Milkfish aka Paksiw na bangus with steamed veggies, and rice | Grape salad | Fruit cup and fiber crackers for snacks
Another day to remember <3 loved my lunch and dinner hihi (Spanish omelette with potatoes and chorizo to taste | Boneless sinugba and rice | Shrimp, tomatoes and olive and rice | veggies salad and beans for snacks)

Doctor Diet lives up to their promotions when they say you get a personal dietitian and fitness coach in the program. Miss Fia checks on me regularly - with my weight, food intake, workouts, etc. She has become my support system during those times when I'm sooo tempted to eat and I chose to just srink water haha. They're so appreciative of every pound I lose - feels like a got a medal for every single pound lol. Coach Bobby customizes my workout plan every two weeks based on my daily activity, and running weight loss. I observed that they intensify it when needed - especially when I do cheat days.

Another good thing about Doctor Diet is that they deliver your food a day before!! So you won't miss your diet meals, especially when you leave for work early like me.

Let me start of by saying, I don't usually do this - I don't post much about my weight loss attempts because most of the time I fail AND I try to hide the fact that I'm getting faaat. I guess, the decision to finally share this with you guys came from my desire to inspire people to be real, to make social media a place to inspire people to love themselves and embrace your uniqueness, to celebrate little wins in our everyday lives (waw deep!) On a lighter note, I'm SOOO HAPPY I GOT SIGNIFICANT RESULTS, not just results for results sake haha!

I started the challenge last October at 140 pounds (yup, i weighed 64 kilos back then, friends) - I blame my Cebu lechon escapades.  My first two weeks were a struggle. Since I'm used to eating in large servings, I wasn't able to cope right away with the small servings of my meals from the diet plan. I easily get hungry in between meals. Miss Fia suggested that I eat apples whenever this happens. I think I ate a number of apples for those eat-between-meal-hangryness. Also, I wasn't able to make use of my workout plans consistently (sorry Coach Bobby! hehe). The most frequent I was able to do in a week was thrice. In most weeks, I had zero LOL.

Five weeks into the challenge and I already loss 11 pounds (5 kilos, friends!!) with little to no workout *wink* For the remaining three weeks of the challenge, I got a little too complacent with my diet, and maybe because of the Christmas parties I've started to attend and eat at hehe, that I only lost 2 more pounds.




I believe I finished strong in the challenge. From 140 pounds down to 127 pounds! So so thankful to Miss Fia and Coach Bobby for all the help :) I went in to the Christmas feasts and  New Year Media Noche feeling better and lighter, literally haha. So whenever I get my foodie pounds, I now know where to go, 'cause there's Doctor Diet to the rescue! 

If you're interested to make your fitness goals with Doctor Diet, message them now at 0995-111-6301 . You can also check their Facebook page -  Doctor Diet - Nutrition&Diet Programs/Services, and Instagram page @dr.diet_manila | Their 'clinic' hours is from 7:00pm to 10:30pm, chat them live at these hours.

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