It's Our Time to Play at Kidzania Manila on March 25!

KAI! Grown Ups - 18 years old and up - it's finally our time to make our childhood dreams come to life, because KidZania Manila is once ...

KAI! Grown Ups - 18 years old and up - it's finally our time to make our childhood dreams come to life, because KidZania Manila is once again opening their doors to us on March 25, 2017 (Saturday) from 4pm to 9pm :) Can you believe it?! I can't believe it! I'm ecstatic right now! We had a tour of the city earlier this week and all I can think was, "FAST FORWARD TO SATURDAY PLEASE!!"

This isn't actually the first time KidZania Manila did a Grown Ups Night. The first one was held last November 2016 - which I missed :( that's why, I was jumping for joy when I found out they're gonna do a RePLAY! Adults will no longer be just observers, we will finally be the citiZens of the city, woot! The inner kid in us will get to play once more for only Php 1100 (which comes with 2 Snack coupons, because food is layff haha!)

Now you may say your Php 1100 can already get you a long way - maybe your one-week-allowance, or can get you a new dress, a new bag, a new addition to your make up haul, or perhaps, a satisfying buffet. But I tell you, your Php 1100 at #KidZaniaRePlay will take you to a new world, I'm not even kidding!

Just look at the city! Upon entry, you'll be directed to KidZania International Airport, complete with your airport counters. And that's where I got my tourist ID for the visit.

Voila! at the center of the city lies the RightZKeepers which represents the ideals of the city: The Right To Know, The Right To Create, The Right to Share, The Right to Care, and The Right to Play.

 Who among you have never dreamt of becoming a firefighter at one point in your childhood?! Well, you're no fun haha kidding! All of us firefighter wannabes can be one even for just a night - complete with the gear, truck, and of course, the fire situation to put down.

Had a more unique childhood dream? Well, why not fulfill your dream to become a lineman :)

Of course, one of the most common answers we had for our 'dream job' back in Kindergarten: Dentist/Doctor haha! Don't you want to tinker someone's (a dummy) mouth? or take care of newborn babies at the St. Lukes Hospital here in KZ?

How about we go back to our simple joys back then, to get a peek of how our favorite McDonald's meals are prepared! Kidzania Manila has McDonald's inside, wherein you can work as a crew member and make your own BurgerMcDo (and eat it after!) :D

Back in elementary, I joined the National Schools Press Conference - writing editorials. I wonder how I would fair if I pushed through with it as a profession? I might as well try writing for the Philippine Daily Inquirer at KidZania *wink*

Why not try to be a radio announcer at the KidZania Radio Station for DZMM or MOR 101.9? 

Having the childhood dream to become a famous singer from pre-school 'til Grade 6, I believe I deserve to have my album recorded at Star Music (in KidZania) hahaha! I can't wait to make my recording artist dream come true lol!

And it doesn't stop there! You can even shoot your own OShopping commercial, or get a hosting stint on Showtime - though only in the city of KidZania.

Thinking of getting your Masters/Doctorate degree? why not do a test run here at Centro Escolar University, wherein you can get it in a few minutes (if only its was this quick in real life haha!)

 There are a still a lot more 'jobs' that you can try out in KidZania. And i can't wait for Saturday to finally come! (how much have I reiterated this in the post??) If this still doesn't convince you to got Grown Ups Night, well, KidZania still has some suprises in store for us:

They also prepared exclusive-for-Grown-Ups-Night tweaks and establishements like calligraphy workshops, rose napkin folding, build-your-own-pizza at Yellow Cab, kilay workshop (because kilay is layff!), etc.
We got a lot of simple joys and little wins in life to celebrate, but I guess, it's okay to create grand celebrations for yourself such as that of letting your inner kid play again - carefree and fearless :) I really hope to see you guys at KidZania on Saturday, March 25, 2017! 

If you haven't gotten your ticket yet, you can go to 

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