Slowing Down to be with God

I am at a point my life where I want to make a lot of things happen - mostly with my career. Twenty-four hours a day seemed to be insuffi...

I am at a point my life where I want to make a lot of things happen - mostly with my career. Twenty-four hours a day seemed to be insufficient for all the TTDs I wrote on my list. Sometimes, I end up helpless and frustrated; trying to get things done all by myself. I wanted to be independent, attain self-sufficiency. Then it hit me, I was slowly getting succumbed by our proud human nature. Right in that moment, I fell down to my knees, bowed my head, and cried to that One Being who can AND will help me - that One Being whose power can make the impossible possible.

I went book hoarding last January, as part of this new year, new beginning thing I had going (hehe). One of the books I bought was Bill Hybels’ Too Busy Not To Pray. And it was just recently that I was able to read (because I was TOO busy haha how ironic). God really speaks to us in amazing ways, and I just know He did speak to me through this book - when I needed it the most.

I’m sure a lot of you are experiencing this busyness, that’s why I decided to take you with me as I go through the book, chapter by chapter. Chapter One is all about God’s Presence, and God’s Power. To Christians like me, this is somewhat a refresher and reminder of how powerful the God we worship is, and how amazing it is to be in His Presence.

We, sometimes, forget how powerful prayer is. Most of us, though we many not admit it, prays out of habit. In the book, Hybels shared a testimony wherein God woke him up in the middle of the night during one of the most heartbreaking moments of his life - the death of his father - and said, “I am able. I’m enough for you. Right now you doubt this, but trust me.” FAITH. Faith in prayer, and faith in His Word. The Lord has done breakthroughs in my life a many, and I know He will do it again in my life, and in yours too! We just need to pray, and pray, and discover more about it. 

“Through prayer God give us His peace, and that is one reason even self-sufficient people fall on their knees and pour out their hearts to Him. But their is another reason. People are drawn to prayer because they know that God’s power flows primarily to people who pray.” Reading upon these words saddened and excited me at the same time - saddened of how much I missed being TOO busy, and excited of the fulfilling and rewarding experience ahead of me. I remember having read the lines, “ When we work, WE work; but when we pray, God works.” :)

Reaching the end of chapter, I was more fuelled (than ever) to pray. I know that God answers prayers (not mine but yours too); He just wants to hear from us. Prayer is the key to unlocking God’s prevailing power in our lives. This Holy week, I hope we make time to fellowship with God.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing with you another round of my feels (haha) about the next chapter. Let’s celebrate every date with Him!

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