Gone are the Snowflakes on my Head

For the past year, I've had a bleaching/dyeing spree with my hair. As much as my hair heroes from Junca Salon did their best to take ...

For the past year, I've had a bleaching/dyeing spree with my hair. As much as my hair heroes from Junca Salon did their best to take care of my hair, there are really just some inevitable consequences - the worst, i'd say, being dandruff (huhu). Yup, regularly bleaching my hair dried out my scalp, thus having dry, flaky skin falling off my head. I've tried using the more common anti-dandruff shampoos in our supermarkets but it just didn't do the job :(
So frustrated about the itchy scalp and 'snowflakes' on my shoulders, I researched on how I can cure dandruff. Sadly, we can't cure dandruff, we can only control or manage it. While there are many natural remedies I can try, at that point, I wanted to have it treated (effectively) ASAP. Good thing, I came across Selsun Blue, an over-the-counter shampoo which contains 1 percent concentration of selenium sulphide, which is the right amount to treat dandruff while leaving the hair healthy and more manageable. Selenium sulphide, btw is an effective anti-dandruff agent, which stops the accumulation of scaly dandruff particles and reduces redness and itching from seborrheic dermatitis on the scalp. 

I got two variants of Selsun Blue, one which is for treatment - medicated - and one for maintenance and protection I guess, since it's labeled normal. I was really excited to try it out as my dandruff situation got really uncomfortable. And since I have quite a serious dandruff problem I first tried the MEDICATED one. 

I've been using it already for a week, and NO JOKE, my dandruff was gone! Actually, I observed it take effect in just after three washes. Downside though was that it made my hair really dry, which is expected, I guess, from mentholated shampoos (to bleached hair). That's why I still use conditioner for the ends of my hair. This helps me avoid breakage. As for the scent, I didn't expect it to have a pleasant, or fruity smell. It was bearable give it's medicated hehe.

Now that my dandruff has been controlled, I use the Selsun Blue for normal hair. This one has a  better scent - smells likes marshmallows actually! It also doesn't dry out my hair that much. meaning it lived up to the 'with-conditioner' claim on the label (hehe). 

I'm more of a believer of natural remedy, but I must say Selsun Blue really does the job to solve your dandruff problems. It's worth a try! There are lots of products in the market so we must choose wisely. Soon enough, we'll all be celebrating every date, dandruff-free :D

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