It Always Rains

It always rains. Growing up, I knew my birthday's getting nearer when it's already raining cats and dogs - thunderstorms and flood...

It always rains. Growing up, I knew my birthday's getting nearer when it's already raining cats and dogs - thunderstorms and flooding almost everyday - and classes get suspended (yay! hehe). As much as I enjoy class suspensions, I get saddened when the thunderstorms and flooding suspend even my birthday celebrations. I remember during my 7th birthday, my birthday dress got stained with mud (and the program hasn't even started yet!) because of puddles forming due to the heavy rains. For my 19th birthday, I spent the whole day at home because almost all roads leading out were flooded; oh, and we only got electricity back in the evening. Although, I remember there was a kind soul who braved the rains (and flooded roads) just to treat me with pizza that night hihi - my now-boyfriend.

It always rains. I may not have experienced the worst of thunderstorms for some of my birthdays, but I sure was rained with virus aka I get sick. Imagine celebrating my birthday post-chickenpox?! with all those pinkish spot haha. When I went to college though, I got sick near my birthdays because of flooding not rainwater, but school work and extra curriculars haha - hello bibo kid. Yup, it always rains. When I joined the workforce, my August's didn't become a downtime - contrary to how businesses dread this ghost month. It rained office work! Although (again haha), there was this one work-related trip that fell on my birthday month - it brought me to the world's most beautiful island, El Nido <3

It always rains. However, this year, I am having it differently - no suspended celebrations, no sickly Dianne (although I got sick many times this year, thank God, it happened earlier this year haha). This year, it's raining with a lot of work to finish, challenges to overcome, plans to execute, and dreams to make happen. I am as busy as a bee, but I know great things will come my way after all this rain. As the song goes, "there's a rainbow, always after the rain" :)) I am so excited to share with you, guys, my rainbow! It's a big leap of faith, but I know I have a bigger God who will make all of these things possible.

It always rains...but I keep my head up. I always try to look at the brighter side of things, and celebrate the small joys and little wins :) This time, I will look beyond the difficulty of the challenges. There's no stopping this ball of sunshine from celebrating every date. I have a number of surprises line up for all of you this month. Hope you'll enjoy it!

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